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Zbroia Kozak in stock...These are .22
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Zbroia Kozak in stock...These are .22

Gene Palmer   

Just finished reading over the testimonials page and realize that there isn't really anything I could say that hasn't already been nailed down: service, parts and a customized gun that is second to none! I'm fortunate enough to have been a three time customer to Tonys magic touch and now have one gun that is perfectly suited to take everything from frogs to hogs. With the stock spring and his adjustable top hat with the larger restrictor this .25 cal. gun is a subsonic tack driver. My longest shot to date with this setup is a 231 yard kill on a chunky woodchuck. Longest squirrel is a 113 yard head shot. After a five minute change to a heavier spring and a second tank with a valve for all out power with slugs this combo has been proven to consistently and cleanly dispatch larger game. My largest kill came this last fall; a 485 pound beast felled instantly by a 23 yard shot to the ear from my stand. I believe this is most likely the largest critter EVER harvested by a .25 cal. pneumatic in New York State! A picture can be worth a thousand words. The results: 175 lb. black pig, 92 lb.beautiful silver pig, and the big dog, 55 lb. from 40 yards. Photos submitted to the customer gallery. If your looking for a piece of equipment that's capable of challenging anyone's skill, then don't even consider any place but TALON TUNES!

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