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I first of all want to "thank" you folks for singing the praises of the Cricket. I almost pulled the trigger on buying a Bobcat? It was your posts here that steered me to the Cricket. So "thank you all"!

Next I want to "thank" Tony here [Talontunes]. What a great guy! I purchased the above .25 Cricket Standard Tactical along with the Hawke Sidewinder 6.5 x 20 x 42 Tactical Scope from Tony. He graciously tuned it up for me, and had it in my hands within mere days. I had been waiting going on 12 weeks for the same outfit from another dealer. I heard every song and dance I could handle before I cancelled my order with him and contacted Tony.
I guess I was wearing the same grin every new Cricket owner puts on after firing their first group. A single ragged hole at 30 yards! I foresee a long and happy future with my new Cricket. Thanks again!