Talon .25 To Go

This is a Talon SS tricked out with a fourteen inch .25 barrel and power modded valve.


A hard hitting, short , quiet rifle. Designed to fit in a 41"x14" case

On 8/10/2009, Kelly wrote....

Hey Tony, What a day, What a day! We have a tree called a Kukui, and the seed or nut is sort of heart shaped and about the diameter of a small walnut. We were 30 yards out, about a 10-12 mph. cross wind and we were banging ! Awesome impact and extremely flat shooting. The heavy grain 25 cal. pellets are far superior for my type of shooting and wind conditions. We ended our afternoon shooting down into our mini grand canyon in back of our yard, and at the bottom of the valley was a basket ball about 50 yards out,sh*#... piece of cake! Thank you very much, will be waiting for the other parts to arrive. Meanwhile e- mail me your mailing address, would like to send you a little something as my token of appreciation. Until we chat again Aloha and Mahalo!

(bye and thank you)

Talon SS .25 Shorty
Just want to post some pics of a TSS .25 I just converted. It has a LW 16" barrel with a standard flo tank with power mod to pick up a little more FPS...

The rifle ways in at 9 pounds with a OAL of 42"

With the power modded valve its pushing .25 Kodiaks around 820 FPS for approx. 46 FPE

A Harris bipod is mounted to a sling swivel that is tapped directly into the lower rail for a solid mount. The Harris bipods are great, but I don't like the legs rubbing the rifle when folded up, so the legs are removed, reversed, repainted and orings added to eliminate the twang when fired.

All comes together with Adam's Wokbutt. Kodiaks shot very well but this rifle favored the JSB .25 on paper. Some quick accuracy tests at 40 yards.

Not a bad little 45FPE rifle with great handling characteristics. I have to build one for myself.




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