Talon SS "To Go''

30+FPE In A Very Small Package
The whole idea behind this rifle was to have it fit in a 27x13 inch carry case.

There could be no external shrouds or extensions.
Even the Air Force bipod was too long.

A 6 inch Harris bipod was mounted to the rifle by tapping a swivel stud directly in the lower frame rail for a rock steady mount.

A standard flow tank was "Power Modded" to push 21gr. Beeman Kodiaks in the 800 FPS range.

This rifle has been fully tuned and also has....

  • Custom hammer.
  • Hammer slap mod.
  • Valve oring mod.
  • Valve power mod.
  • Internal baffling.
  • Vented bushing
  • Vented frame.
  • Custom trigger shoe.
  • Adjustable recoil pad

This is typical grouping shot using bipod only. These are real world groups. Sorry, no "Paper Trophies", just the real deal at 30 yards. Scope is a Leapers 4x12 Mini Swat.

30+FPE in a 34 inch overall length rifle.



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