TT Marauder .25
Also available in .22

Brand new TT Marauder. Accurate, quiet, hard hitting rifle.


  • Stock painted flat black, Poly coat...similar to Dura Coat. Tough stuff.
  • Trasfer port polished with upgraded oring.
  • Trigger job. Pulls at appox 1.5 lbs
  • Shroud extension with two extra baffles installed, very quiet.
  • Hammer, valve stem and most internals polished.

Shoots JSB Kings at avg. 850 fps. This is the most accurate pellet for this rifle.

Paul E.....12/21/10

Hey Tony, got the rifle today and got it all set up. After about 15 shots it's nice and sighted in. Took it for a spin to a buddies who needed some pest control in a bad way. Tony all I have to say is holy kaka!!! Dude this thing hits hard!!! And is pretty darn accurate for my current needs. The 25 just does a complete path of destruction....awesome.
I have it point on at 20 and 50 yards dropping a full mil-dot at 70. All in all, good work brother.

Thanks Tony, See below, total of 8 taken on an hour. Others were unrecoverable.

Rifle comes with one magazine and degassing tool in original box, fully tuned with depinger and shroud extension. Scope and bipod not included....$675.00

TalonTunes Marauder Reservoir Extension......$129.00

Extension is six inches long and has been tested to 4500 PSI

Real world testing...
This is a velocity string of a brand new Marauder, fresh out of the box.
3000-1700psi, Pellet is JSB Exact King. No reservoir extension.

Same rifle with reservoir extension installed. 3000-2000PSI. Pellet is JSB Exact King.

Baffle Extension Kit.

Now you can easily add two more baffles to your Marauder .25 with this set up for a much quieter rifle. Kit includes two delrin baffles and extension that extends your shroud from the receiver end. You will need to remove your shroud for the install.

Extended End Cap...$39.00
Threaded nylon endcap, for that extra edge.


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