1. A Talon/Condor tune consists of the disassembly of the rifle and inspection of all parts. The inside of the frame is polished along with all the internals for smooth operation.
A full tune consists of everything seen on this page.
All other options are separate.
2. Two set screws are installed and adjusted for the trigger to precisely control the first stage of Travel, and the amount of Overtravel. This takes the trigger from the Factory's stiff pull to a crisp and consistent pull for improved accuracy, control and feel.
3. The breech slide O-Rings are replaced with 90 Durometer o-rings and the breech slide and barrel are mated for smooth operation and a tight seal.
4. Barrel is polished where the breech o-rings ride.
5. The safety's action is smoothed for a trigger finger operation that is much improved over the the factory's stiff unit.
6. Valve is disassembled, polished and ported for improved operation and air flow.
7. Rifle is test fired and adjusted for best accuracy , consistency and efficiency.




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