TalonP… 9″And 6″ Shroud/moderators

$195.00 $165.00

Gen.6 SOS Shroud/Sound Moderator 9″ The best just got better… Our sixth generation of TalonTunes sound moderator SOS. All anodized finish. No scratching or chipping. 360 degrees of venting. Custom made high efficiency internals. Double o rings on connector. Designed to replace your factory end cap and secures with factory set screw. Will work with or without sound lock system. Will reduce sound signature by 60-70%. Will work with .177, .20, .22, and .25 caliber. Shroud weight is 6.8 Ounces… Installs in seconds on: This is  for TalonP with original 12″ barrel. These are the best available, nothing else comes close…

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