At TalonTunes, all rifles are fully inspected and test fired.

Velocities and accuracy reports are supplied with each rifle.

Phone or Text (904)-333-8643

Authorized FX Dealer

FX Impact MKII + Power Plenum

AAA TalonP...Limited 

The number one modification for your Air Force Rifles, including all Texans.

Taipan Veteran/Mutant Laminate Stocks Only



Taipan Veteran Laminate

Compacts, Standards, And Longs In Stock Now

Ships with two free magazines for a total of four..



Uragan In Stock Now

Power mod available on all Uragans.

Uragan Compact 

Power mod available on all Uragans.

Airgun Royal Thunder

Was 480cc …Now 580cc Carbon Fiber Tanks For Air Force, Daystate And FX Rifles. In Stock Now! Also available with FX Impact Valve...

Super High Output (SHO) Valve

Edgun Morana .25

On Sale Now...$1195.00


AirForceAirgun-3 - x75 EdgunAirgun-4 - x75 KalibrGun-2 - x75 mutant logo - x75 VulcanHome-1 - x75

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