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advocatusdiaboli 4/27/2015   


I got a TT-Marauder in .22 cal and I love it. To say that I can clover leaf at 37 yards is saying something really bad about how my day is going. When I have it sighted in, I can usually put a group of three through the same hole. Maybe a tad off.

Then there is the gun. Tell Tony you want all the extras, extended air tube, black stock, and when you are done you will have a very quiet plinker/varmint hunter that will take out a squirrel at 50+ yards (I just shot one off the tele-pole the other morning...) and is QUIET, the quietest air gun I have ever bought. And I can STILL make it quieter with a baffle extension and some more mods that I found online.

Here is the site:

The guy is named Tony and he USED to advertise the TT-Marauders, but I do not see them anymore so you might want to ask him. They start at $675 but I paid around $1100 for mine by the time it was finished. I am very happy with it. It shoots around 900FPS, but I can adjust that, and I get about 30 shots per fill but with the quick fill attachment adn the adapter that I got from Pyramid air ($29) It takes me about 30 seconds to refill. I shoot jumbo diablos domed around 18.xxgr.

Oh, it looks like the TT marauder is on the old site:

You should still ask him though.