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Rex 4/9/24

Tony really fixed me up with a great AGT Vixen.  I needed a super accurate .177 to shoot around the yard and to and maybe hunt squirrels once in a while (rather than use my .22 Taipan).  Tony fine tuned the trigger, set the velocity where I wanted, test fired a bug-hole group and shipped it out.  I got it just two days later – 3 states away!  I am 72 years old and have been a steady shooter/hunter for over 60 years.  This little Vixen is just a laser with 10.3 and 13.4 JSBs.  Going to have a blast with this gun!  Thanks Tony 

Dre   3/8/2024

Absolutely great service! I received exactly what I ordered in the exact way I asked it to be shipped. Everything works perfectly and the prices are fantastic.
I’ll definitely be purchasing again from Tony

Impact701  4/1/24

I just received my FX DRS .22 700 Classic today and I couldn’t be Happier with my new rifle.
Thank You So Much ! Tony called me twice after I ordered it. Once to ask what weight projectile I planned on shooting. During this conversation Tony explained that he was checking the rifle to make sure it didn’t have any leaks and he fine tuned the trigger(He did an Amazing Job). He said he would shoot it and send me the the target and chronograph results. I didn’t need to make any adjustments to the rifle it is shooting the H&N 34gr Heavy slugs at an average speed of 931fps. Which is exactly where I wanted to shoot them.

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