.257 Barrel

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Simple drop in swap.

For all Air Force Rifles and TalonP

TJ barrel accurized by TalonTunes

24 Inch

25-20 Cal.

.250 Bore/.257 Groove

1 in 14 Twist 6 Lands

9/16 OD

Custom barrel bushings/Front vented

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 3 × 3 in

1 review for .257 Barrel

  1. Dwight (verified owner)

    Got my barrel and new sho valve on new 580cc carbon fiber tank. Installed in a condor frame with the TT heavy spring and 90gr hammer. Filled the tank to 3600 psi. 65gr NSA slugs 6 shots high 951fps, low 908fps, stdev 15.1 spread 43, with 130fpe at the muzzle. 70gr NSA slung 9 shots with high 933fps, low 915fps, spread 33fps, and 133fpe at the muzzle. Was able to get 1inch groups at 50 yards. I tried other weights in 80, 85 and 90gr, but not enough power with this setup to get them going fast enough to group well. All in all, I like this setup, but wish the new tank and SHO valve would have enough power for the heavier slugs. Great job Tony!

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