Altaros Air Force Regulator

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The Airgun regulator with simple installation without adjustments on rifle, so everything can be returned back. All you need to do is unscrew the valve body from bottle (before screwing launch air). You need suitable stick and vise. Then screw regulator between the bottle and valve. Regulator with vented to atmosphere. The position of the manometer and quick fill pin can be selected before pressurizing. To fulfill the need to purchase paint ball coupling , which is the same as marauder or other rifle. After installing the regulator NEVER fill the old way, through the valve. At fill always open the valve bottle slowly and do not fill too quickly. After installing the regulator NEVER fill through by valve on the airgun, only by quick fill on regulator. For the filling you must purchase paintball coupling, which is the same as gun marauder or more. Regulator can be used in new version with spin lock, manometr on airgun will show you regulated pressure, manomer on regulator will show you pressure on air tube. Always fill through pin on regulator. Do not use pin as lever for tightening regulator. For that is added screw in spare o-rings


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1 in

3 reviews for Altaros Air Force Regulator

  1. Dwight (verified owner)

    Installed my regulator easily in a condor tank with the ring lock valve. It’s very easy to do. I set the regulator to 125bar to be able to shoot .177 and .22 which it does with great consistently. Filled the tank to 3000psi. Had 18 inch barrel with PW setting at 3-1. Shooting Hades 15.89gr. Ten shot string, with average 954fps, max 968fps, min 952fps, spread 16fps, STD 5.0, and average energy of 32-33 fpe at the muzzle. At 50 yards got an amazing one hole group less than 1/2 inch. Ending pressure 2850psi. Will be purchasing more regulators from talon tunes. Thanks Tony! What is power without accuracy? Nothing! Pests on farm beware!

  2. Eric Teipen

    I own a couple Altaros regs and let me start out by saying that they are very good regs. They do exactly what they’re suppose to do and they do it very well but… There’s no way to tell how much air is left in your tank until you drop off the reg. Installing one of these on any Airforce,Evanix ect will result in your tank nanometer reading the same as your reg pressure and that sucks. Other than that these things are amazingly consistent.

  3. Mark Michlig (verified owner)

    I bought 2 for my Condors . The 1st one i bought worked perfect as soon as i installed it , but the 2nd one was not regulating the pressure when i filled it till after i fired a half dozen shots then it worked perfect.

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