Carbon Fiber Tank Conversion 580cc


Carbon Fiber Tank Conversion now with 580cc Carbon Fiber Tank Now available in a full tank conversion! Add another massive 200+ FPS to your Talon SS and Talon with our full tank CF conversion, or add to any existing AF gun for higher fill pressure (3625 psi). Light weight Tank lowering for better scope sighting Higher quality gauge and quick fill Talontunes Quick Change Top Hat with two restrictors to consistently adjust velocity to low, medium and extra high. Your original shoulder strap will work with this tank All this – available in one package with big savings! TT Carbon Fiber Tank…$185.00 TT High Flow Valve…$155.00 TTTA drop down adapter…$165.00 TT Quick change Tophat…..$78.00 Total……$583.00 Your Price…..$485.00 (Additional option is TT Condor hammer if used with TalonSS or Talon).

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