Hammer Weight

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Hammer Weight

This products allows your Talon or Talon SS to open the High Flow tanks from the Condor Talon-P Condor SS And New Escape line of guns.
It allows even more changeably of your gun from tanks to barrels.

Additional information

Weight .011 lbs
Dimensions .125 × .125 × .25 in

2 reviews for Hammer Weight

  1. mike_k (verified owner)

    Was very glad to find this! I just ordered but as long as it arrives – such a product is hard to screw up quality-wise 😀

    I was about to order some much more expensive hammer/spring combos to make my Talon work well with the Condor’s Hi-flo valve, but then found this – exactly what I needed. No more no less!

  2. Mike (verified owner)

    Okay so I’ve installed this into my Talon, to be used with the Condor’s tank. The result is that the Talon can now shoot the 25.5gr JSB Exact Kings at about 290-295 m/s. On ANY power setting. Giving about 70J of energy, this is sufficient for my intended usage (small game hunting). But the Talon could produce nearly the same results without this weight – although I had to compress the spring to about 9+ on the 2-12 scale. Given no difference in power output from the spring compression – I’ve returned it back to position 2 (near lowest end).

    It seems that the Condor’s hi-flow valve (unlike the Talon’s), while producing high power – is quite uncapable of shooting at lower power, if hit by the Condor’s or this upgraded Talon’s hammer. But, I don’t mess with the power settings or different pellet types once dialed in and ballistics figured out for a particular pellet – so this is not a problem for me.

    I still wish the Talon could spit out the JSBs at a full 300 m/s.

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