Quick Change Top Hat

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Quick Change Top Hat

This is a one piece, high performance tophat with restrictive inserts. The tophat alone will add another 30-50 fps to your Condor. When you don’t need all that massive power and want to shoot your favorite lighter pellet, screw in one of the two size restrictors. This will also work with the all Condors, CondorSS, TalonP and all Escape models….

  • Designed to work with any high flow tank.
  • Not designed to work with a standard flow tank that comes with the Talon or TalonSS.
  • Machined from 01 tool steel not soft cheap hex bar.
  • Will not work with ring lock system.

Additional information

Weight .011 lbs
Dimensions .125 × .125 × .25 in

22 reviews for Quick Change Top Hat

  1. 22CondorSS

    You can run it with no restriction for
    awesome power, or use the inserts for
    tuning to your favorite pellet or application. I’ve never even shot my Condor SS without it, and don’t ever plan to. Killer product!!

  2. John

    This part lets you choose miserly air consumption, stock performance, or massive power. With a bit of experimentation, you can drive pretty much any pellet at at any velocity you want. It also resolves reliability issues with the stock part. (Loose tophat / crushed valve stem.)

  3. Franklin

    Thank you for answering all my questions and the prompt service.

  4. James

    Installed with first restrictor on my TalonP with a 22ci tank went from 12-13 shots at 2700-1800 psi now getting 23-24 shots.

  5. Chip

    Excellent modification which works well by its self, and great with the 95gm hammer with slap mod.

  6. Pandemic

    This is a must have for aiding in tuning you Airforce rifle.

  7. Jack L

    The first day I used this with smaller restricter I recorded double the shots I used to get.
    When I took out the restricter I was shooting holes through wooden fence posts and two layers of 1/2 plywood at 40 yards. Wow that’s power when you need it.
    Tony’s got a real winner here.

  8. Mike (verified owner)

    Awesome product! Awesome service! Ordered it on Tuesday and was shooting with it on Thursday. Thanks Tony. Mike C.

  9. Oakey

    This is an awesome MOD. I can shoot all kinds of lead down range heavy and feather light. I would have never been able too do this with a AF Top Hat. This allows me to have control over speeds of super light pellets. The smaller inserts have given me many more shots per tank! We are talking blowing away Industry Standards per tank =)

    Thanks Tony

  10. Charlie (verified owner)

    Another great product from Talon Tunes! I struggled with the OEM top hat. It just would not stay adjusted properly. The little grub screws kept coming loose, and when tightened too much, would damage the inner sleeve of the top hat… Took about a minute to change it out to Tony’s version and it is MUCH better!! AirForce should make this their standard!

  11. Wildfire (verified owner)

    3 words!!! Buy this part!!! Another great tool for fine tuning your rig! Tony rocks!

  12. Steve

    I purchased this top hat about a year ago but could not use it because I had the old style tank and valve (I have had my Condor .22 for 10 years). I recently replaced my tank and installed this top hat. This thing turned my Condor into a thoroughbred! Using Beeman Kodiak 21.14 grain pellets, 3000 psi fill, power wheel on 8, and the smallest reducer I am getting 950+ fps while still placing sub-dime size 5 shot groups at 45 yards. I would give this 10 stars if I could. I usually do not leave online product feedback, but it is amazing what a difference this top hat makes! I previously installed the Talon Tunes brass hammer to improve my Condor’s performance, but this top hat takes it to the next level. Thank you Tony for such an outstanding product.

  13. Anthony

    Hey Tony, I just wanted to let you know that the new valve you sent me works perfectly without a shim or restrictor. It went right in the tank regulator just like the factory tophat, and no tank dumps at all at higher settings with very heavy 7 ring slugs. Not sure what is different but it’s working great with this valve, thank you very much Tony!

  14. terry (verified owner)

    Just installed it in my escapeUL and tested with JSB King 25.39gr pellets and have only tested with the middle restrictor. With my power wheel on max I can shot a 16 shot string across my chrony and got an average of 857fps with extreme spread of 82 and a standard deviation of 26 and when i finished the 16 shots i was still at 2,200psi in the tank. I also bought the top hat shims from Tony so i could do some tuning while using the top hat without insert and try to keep the speed down to around 940fps and i know that without the shim i will be shooting well over 1,000fps and i don’t want that. Tony makes some nice mods for these Airforce airguns and i plan to buy more from him in the future. A++

  15. Steve Tunder (verified owner)

    Thanks Tony for your help.
    This is one thing you should get for your AirForce gun if you want to be able to adjust with accuracy the amount of air that your gun uses. It comes with two allen screw orifices….one for very little air, one for more air and then if you desire, no orifice for more power than you probably need.

    Easy to install. Just take a flat head screw driver and pry out the factory top hat and then push in this excellently made device and you have what the factory gun should have been. This little device makes your gun more accurately adjustable as it makes the adjustment knob on the side of the gun more responsive. It seems the Condor’s power adjustment knob is fairly rough and vague. With this device, you can accurately control the pellet speed through better air control.

    I highly recommend this top hat as it is well made and makes your gun more accurate through better power management.

  16. 1221 (verified owner) 3 day shipping!!!…even gave me stickers…highly recommend, getting everything for my airforce rifle here!!!

  17. Michael P

    I own a stock condor ss and I installed it last night with hopes to lower the power and have a better curve. I installed the bigger insert and I’m finding it to be stunning at a nice 800-810 with jsb 25 grain power 5….I love this thing so far. stay tuned because I will try it with no insert using the 34 grain soon….nice upgrade over the stock tophat happy.gif

  18. Ramon (verified owner)

    Lighting speed shipment, easy to install, top quality. This really works, it change my Talon P to much better performer.

  19. joe (verified owner)

    Its all already been said. Tony is the man. Love everything about his products, service etc. Thanks Tony!

  20. joe (verified owner)

    Awesome. Love it.

  21. Julio (verified owner)

    Great product . Without inserts you get high velocity and with the small insert you can double your shots. Love them thanks for this product.

  22. Kendall

    Out of all the parts added to my TalonP, this may be my favorite.
    It’s very easy to remove the stock tophat, I used a automotive panel removal tool I picked up at Harbor Freight, came right out.
    A little silicone on the tip for making it pass the oring without a nick, then pushed new tophat in by hand, powerwheel on 10, fired until gun started shooting.
    Couldn’t be any easier to set up.
    Results are now with the 2 predrilled inserts (comes with a third that you can drill yourself), create a gun that is more adjustable by simply changing inserts.
    Amazing to go from 22fpe to 70fpe, depending on the level of need.
    Great product Tony, and lightning fast shipping as with every order. My orders always arrive before the day listed on the tracking ?.

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