Taipan .22 Veteran Long CZ Barrel

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The newest version from Taipan and one of the quiestest bullpups on the market. New features include a 20 MOA rail and anti double feed mechanism.

The Taipan Veteran never ceases to amaze me.
Full range of adjust ability from 400-1010 FPS with just a simple turn of the external hammer spring adjuster.


21.5″ CZ Hammer Forged Barrel
Weight 7 lb 10 oz
Overall length 31 3/4 in
Adjustable trigger
2 x mags
Single shot adapter
Side lever you can switch left to right
Fill pressure (250 bar)
Manuel Safety
Scope mount : 20 MOA Picatinny

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 in

Grey, Red, Green, Coffee, Wood

2 reviews for Taipan .22 Veteran Long CZ Barrel

  1. lcroxatto

    Impressive rifle, for me the best .22 bullpup.

  2. Robert Candea

    After a lengthily discussion with Tony regarding upgrades to and existing air rifle, he suggested I consider buying a new one and consider the Taipan. I had never heard of them previously so, Tony said do some research and call him on Monday….

    My shooting requirements are as follows; needs to be quiet, powerful (adjustable), accurate, quality (I’m talking wood and metal, not a big fan of “polymer” aka, plastic) and a great trigger. I live on 2.5 acres so I need this to be accurate enough for testing, quite enough to shoot off my front porch and have the ability to adjust the power output to meet the needs of both target and hunting. I HATE lousy triggers. they screw up an otherwise accurate shot.

    I read and watched any and all postings and videos regarding the Taipans and quickly realized this gun sounds like it fits the bill for me. Realize that I don’t weigh everything I see and read the same. Some reviews make a lump of coal sound like am olympic ready airgun. That was not the impression I had with most regarding the Taipan….

    Convinced now, I called and spoke to Tony about my options. No brainer. I was going to spend almost $700 in upgrades to my existing gun and still have just an “eh” trigger, I took the plunge. I bought the Taipan Veteran Long with CZ barrel in grey laminate stock, some pellets, the hammer adjuster, extra mags and holder, and waited for it to arrive.

    When I opened the shipping box, Tony had installed the quick adjust on the hammer spring adjuster, mag holder and even test fired it and included the crony shot string. Fantastic effort by Talon Tunes for pre-testing things rather than pulling off the shelf and just shipping. I really appreciated this. Now for my observations and options of the Taipan Veteran Long….

    Metal work fit and finish is superb. Cocking arm opens and closes like bank vault. Single shot tray (a great accessory for odd ball pellet shooting) and magazines a precision machine and simple in design. The stock is excellent and a great compliment to the gun. Some have complained about it but it is well though out. The front/forearm is wide and flat like varmint/benchrest PB rifles and helps with stability on a rest. It has enough “meat” for me to install a Q/D swivel stud to use my Sinclair bipod….

    Now on to shooting. I mounted a Hawke Airmax FFP 6×24 IR scope in Warne rings. It took 3 pellets to zero everything. In the pouring rain, at night shooting at 23 yards, this Taipan is without a doubt the most accurate gun I own. And I have a few to say the least. The trigger is fantastic! It came set at 14 ounces, i left it as is. The accuracy was superb! Pellet on pellet. I used FX 18 GR as well as H&N 21 GR, no change in impact, same one hole.

    The next day, with bipod installed and better weather, I shot some more. This damn thing is addictive. I shot almost 100 pellets and the point of impact really didn’t change ( at 23 yards). This thing is super efficient. As to sound levels, all I hear is the pellet impact and very quiet “ting” of the hammer. Amazingly quiet.

    I own a half dozen CZ guns, both rifle and pistol, everyone of them is built like a tank, and accurate as hell. They KNOW how to make great barrels the old fashion way, cold hammer forging. Clearly this holds true for the tube on this Veteran.

    Other things of note: I was concerned about the position of the cocking lever. Don’t be. 20 shots and it becomes second nature. I maintain grip with my right hand and use my left to reach over and cock it. I prefer this to adding complexity and parts to move it forward. My choice to get the long version was driven by two factors; bigger air reservoir, longer barrel for velocity (a bullpen keeps the overall length short but I can still get a long barrel) and better sound reduction with a longer moderator. Besides, the added weight helps accuracy IMHO.

    So, am I happy? No. Thrilled and amazed is more appropriate! I have already shot a full tin and into the next one. It is stunning to me the accuracy. I laugh and shack my head when I release the magnificent trigger. I can put shots through the hole in my steel ram target at will. It is about 3/8 of inch in diameter… and did it many times at almost 25 yards. This gun now begs me to push out to 50 yards and beyond. Thats where I will be testing pellets and velocities to dial things in just right.

    Overall, just buy this gun IF; you love high quality metalwork and wood, robust build, simple operation, crazy accuracy, phenomenal trigger and enjoy shooting rather than spending a fortune on “fixing” flaws. The Taipan Veteran will last a lifetime and give enjoyment beyond its price. As a matter of fact, this gun is worth it if it sold at $2K plus, easily! (Tony, leave the price where it is! I want to buy another one, maybe in .25???)

    Tony at Talon Tunes provides advice and service the way things should be done. He picks up the phone, tests what he ships to you and knows his products. Unheard of nowadays. He was spot on connecting me with the gun that fills my needs perfectly. He has a customer for life and my sincerest thanks for the great advice and nailing it with connecting me to my most favorite rifle.

    Best Wishes

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