Taipan Veteran Standard .22

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Taipan Veteran Standard.22 

  • 10 Shot Magazine
  • Overall length 27.5in
  • Weight 7lb
  • .22 caliber – energy 35 FPE
  • Very Adjustable triggers
  • 2x mags
  • Single shot adaptor
  • Side lever you can switch left to right
  • Fill pressure (250bar)
  • Manuel Safety
  • Regulated
  • Picatinny Scope mount
  • Includes male fill adapter on probe
  • 20 moa rail
  • Anti double feed
  • dual transfer ports for improved fps and efficiency
  • wider mags to accommodate longer pellets
  • LOP 14.25




Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 10 × 3 in
Stock Color

Green, Red, Coffee, Gray

4 reviews for Taipan Veteran Standard .22

  1. Anthony

    Received from UPS about 30 minutes ago… All I can say is HOLY SHITSNACKS! This thing is awesome.. Tony sorted me out a really nicely figured stock, (pics later). I put on a Hawke Sidewinder 4.5-14 1/2mildot scope, charged it to 220 bar, and ran 2 mags through it. I have a VERY short 10 to 15 yard garage range but was on paper quick, and dialed in within 4 shots. So now the fun begins. I am really loving the lighter weight and pointability of this thing, compared to my .25 Vulcan Tactic which is a beast, but still a great platform. My only gripe with the mutant is the in-guard safety is opposite to the Vulcan, that will take some getting used to.

    The gun is fairly quiet too, but I may have to put a Donny or Neil Clague LDC on it to be truly stealthy.

    Tony also included a Talon Tunes tee shirt!!

  2. Anthony

    Recently received this gem of a bullpup from Tony and I\’m impressed to say the least. I have had Crickets and Vulcans, and this Mutant tops them in several categories. The trigger is a much better design and very easy to adjust precisely. The magazine system is much better than the fumblebum Cricket, and quicker to load than the Vulcan. The changeable cocking lever moves much more smoothly than the Cricket\’s, and the hammer spring is free floating until cocked. The accuracy is stellar, as are the Crickets and Vulcans due to the outstanding CZ barrel. The stock, while not the best looking, is very ergonomic and fits like a glove. Lastly, the price is quite a bit less which means more money for a good scope or more pellets! IMHO the Mutants are expertly crafted and are the most practical high end bullpup available. I will definitely be eliminating a load of ground squirrels with this outstanding bullpup! Thanx a Bunch Tony!

  3. jason cotterell

    I am absolutely loving my mutant. Powerful, lightweight, and accurate. All the things I spent the last two years wishing my marauder was.

    I shot a 5 bull target the other day at 25 yards…a “flyers” was still touching the main group but still sticking out a bit. Simply amazing!

    The magazine is super easy to load, the sidelever is like butter, the weight is just right, balanced over the pistol grip.

    I’ve shot about 10 magazines through it, still haven’t found anything I dislike – the closest I came was how far back the sidelever had to go…but a little practice on my technique, and it’s not really an issue. Forward levers may be nice, but I wouldn’t trade the trigger on this gun for a wildcat.

  4. Daniel

    I just got mine, this is really impresive, like other people said its not the best looking stock, but the rifle is very well done. And the most important, the accuracy is absolutly perfect i have done shots thas i cant do with my air arms s510 (300m), it might by because the nice regulator and the cz barrel. And my best friend have a cricket and his selling it now because of my taipan, his gonna buy one.

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