TalonTunes Tank Adapter

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$165.00 $149.95


Talon Tunes Tank Adapter for Texan, Condor, CondorSS, Talon, and TalonSS

Lower That Tank!

This the premier modification for your Air Force rifle!

  • Precision made
  • All adapters now come with TalonTunes 5000psi gauge
  • Black anodized, high-quality pressure gauge on one side
  • One-way quick fill on the other side
  • Tank can be removed or filled while still on rifle
  • There is no loss of power in Texans

Tank and valve not included.

Adds 2″ LOP – Drops your tank 1″ with now angle or cant. You will have to adjust your rifle’s collar or I can do it for you.

No more super high scope rings! It does not get any better than this!

Additional information

Weight 1.00 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 1 × 1 in

8 reviews for TalonTunes Tank Adapter

  1. Robert

    This is the way Air Force rifles should have been designed in the first place.

    Best upgrade for my Condor yet.

    Forget the Spin Lock tanks.

    This is 100 times better.

  2. Tommy V.

    This has changed my Condor from a broom stick into a real rifle.
    You will not believe the difference.
    Excellent craftsmanship.

  3. Tony M

    Seems I’m with others that think the factory is missing out on something, at least there is a cure with the TTTA. Lets us keep our scopes low where they belong.

  4. Anthony Moore

    Thanks Tony, for supplying such a great product like the “Talon Tune Tank Adaptor” !

    It worked out perfectly to fill my wishes to make my AirForce Condor SS much more comfortable for me to shoot and a great fit for me physically. It installed nice and easy. Of course there’s always a pesky air leak, one of the plugs I installed in the old spin-lock adaptor, no fault of theTTTA adaptor. Just re-tape and tighten it a little more than the first time.

    The one inch drop was just right for me, and if I did need more, I could always rotate it (the TTTA) and tank to the side out and away a little before locking it into the gun. My head and eye easily finds it’s home now, all so naturally behind the scope. Now with no twisting around laying my head sideways on my shoulder (OK , , or tank end, , felt the same) and searching for the perfect spot. The additional two inches in length were also greatly received by my long arms and shoulders. And I was able to retain shot accuracy over the alternative method of rai…

  5. John

    This piece is *the* most important upgrade for the Condor / Talon. It dramatically improves ergonomics, and provides the advantages of spin-loc to any AirForce gun. Like all TT parts, the craftsmanship is excellent.

  6. Charlie (verified owner)

    Great product, even greater customer service… Something happened to my order and it was not properly processed between Tony’s system and paypal and when I contacted Tony, he responded by shipping my order same day… got it in 2 days. I was converting a new Condor SS with the spin-lok tank (with gauge and fill nipple… I did not order the plugs so I could remove the factory parts from the bottle valve so I could not install it. Was in a hurry to get up and running. Tony sent me the specs on the plugs and I found them locally… was up and running same day.

    Thanks Tony!

  7. Chris Iijima

    Fantastic mod. Has held up perfectly for years now. I agree with everything other reviewers have said. A very worth-while purchase. Just plan ahead because adding the TTTA will affect what rings, butt-stock, thumb holes, etc. you will use.

  8. Steve Tunder (verified owner)

    It looks great. It feels great. It works great. It is as others have said, what the factory gun should have been.

    Well made. Comes with Talon Tunes air pressure gauge and fill port. Makes the gun more accurate because it allows for a lower scope mount which seems to be more in line with the barrel. My gun had high rings and I nearly ran out of movement on my scope because of it. My up and down adjustment knob on the scope was very close to its max. I added this drop down tank adapter and got lower rings and now my scope’s up and down adjustment knob are in its normal position. That plus my line of sight is more comfortable. One of those “why do I need it” things that you never really knew you did until you got it. Now I would not have an AirForce gun without it.

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