Black Synthetic Vulcan2 Bull Pup

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The Latest Release From AGT

Vulcan2 Bull Pup 

Airgun Technology does a great job of keeping the Vulcan up to date, taking owner feedback and technological advances and incorporating them into an amazing bullpup. As a result, the following improvements are new to the Gen 4:

  • Redesigned stock
  • High Quality Solid Black Synthetic Stock
  • Adjustable Shoulder Plate
  • Integrated Accessory Rail
  • Threaded Shroud End Cap
  • Better Trigger Internals
  • Improved Regulator

Vulcan has taken a good design and made it better. Starting with top-quality CZ hammer forged barrels for accuracy and a regulated pressure design this is sure to be a winner. In general, the side lever is a great design, but for a bullpup it’s awkward to reach behind your ear to cock and load the gun. The side-bolt where the bolt can be switched from left-side to right-side is a smarter system.

With an overall length 26 3/4″ and just over 6 lbs this is a bullpup in the truest sense.

With a 250 bar fill  you get over 60 regulated shots at ~30 fpe. Two 11 round magazines come with each pup.

  • .22 = 11 shot mag
  • .25 = 9 shot mag
  • .177= 13 shot
  • Barrel length = 450 mm – 17.71″
  • Maximum Pressure = 250 bar – 3625 psi
  • Overall Length = 680 mm – 26.77″
  • Weight = 2.9 kg – 6.39 lb

Hard Cases Are included in this shipment.

Every Vulcan will be tested for function and accuracy before it is shipped.

From Dennis….10/20/2015

PS…The newer Vulcans do not have the Ping/twang of the first generation or the second gen that were shipped to US in June this year. And as for Tony’s commitment to the products he sells and his customers ….it is unmatched by any other Airgun dealers that I’ve worked with in the past! I’ve had the opportunity to own 2 Vulcans one from June. Tony was a pleasure to deal with and helped me get satisfaction from the Manufacturer. Thanks Tony!


I received my 22 caliber Vulcan from Tony with the Hawke 6.5-20×44 already set up and zeroed at 35 yards. It came in a nice hard case. The gun is a joy to use and is incredibly accurate. With the cocking handle ahead of the trigger it is also very easy to load another pellet without adjusting my hold or take my hand off of the pistol grip. I expected the cheek weld to be uncomfortable, having owned only air rifles with a wooden stock, but I was pleasantly surprised that it is actually fine. The metal is cool on my cheek but not uncomfortable at all and I can still get a good cheek weld for easy positioning for the scope. I know I said it already but it bears repeating because it is so important in an air rifle: it is very accurate! It is a lot of fun tossing a pellet at 50 yards exactly where you want it, with ease. Soon I will take the Vulcan to the 100 yard range to really stretch its legs. Thanks Tony for a great product, well prepared and we’ll packaged.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 3 in
Caliber Size

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1 review for Black Synthetic Vulcan2 Bull Pup

  1. john french (verified owner)

    WOW !!!
    I was hoping it would be as accurate as my royale but never exspected such a small package to deliver such precise groups. Far exceeded my expectations.

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