TalonTunes Has The Best Customers!


Emu  6/7/24

Finally I was able to buy from Talon Tunes a rifle.
This one is a Vulcan 3 700 mm .25 Cal.
After the payment through PayPal at Talon Tunes site, the deal with Tony was a really good experience.
Tony is a busy man but a professional indeed. The rifle arrived tested by him and working perfectly!


Neil M.   5/16/24

My journey into PCP airguns started a year ago just reading and watching YouTube but never really new what you could believe. So I started out with a Air Venturi bullpup and a AEA Bullpup and they were ok but wanted something better. And though research contacted Tony and he answered all the questions I had and he set me up with the Uragan 2 .25cal. When it arrived it shot every bit as good as he told me it was dime sized groups at 50yds with H&N 34gr 1065 fps. Crazy good. Another thing that was pretty amazing was he called me before he shipped it now that’s customer service.



Robert B.   5/14/24

I purchased an FX impact M3 25 cal 700mm Sniper Rifle from Tony.
I wanted Everything That needs.to be done to make the gun competition ready.. Tony communicated with me several times over the phone to make sure Everything was done to the way that I wanted with recommendations from Tony. Everything was exactly what I wanted.. With the weather conditions here, I was only able to go out and shoot about 40 shots. I was totally amazed on the accuracy. At 70 yd, I was able to shoot a dime size group with 10 rounds. I highly recommend Tony with his expertise. He is definitely the go to person. Thank you so much, Tony.


Keith Z.  5/11/2024

I purchased a Taipan Veteran Tactical II on April 11, 2024. When I received the gun, I unboxed it, and I mounted the scope. Right out of the box, the gun is a beauty to behold. It is accurate and quiet and wonderful to use. I have been using it for about 30 days now, and I can say without a doubt, I am so happy with my purchase. I want to thank Tony for his excellence service throughout this process. I cannot recommend Talon Tunes enough. They offer high quality products, and I just love my Taipan Veteran Tactical II.


Sandy S. 5/3/24

I need to tell everyone about the superlative customer service that I got from Toni and Talon Tunes. No charge for installing the Arca rail or folding adapter which included moving the bottle from the rear to the front and he turns it to where I specified and provides chronograph and Target to show me the accuracy and velocity consistency.

I’m very excited about this I need to find a new home for my FX Maverick in .22 and .30 as well as my Notos.


Allen B. 4/29/24

Hi Tony
Received rifle today 4/26 everything was in excellent condition
thank you for all the extra items you sent with it.
I did shoot it about 20 shots my groups @ 25 yards are not that good everyone of the slugs went different places.
They were .217 23 grain Presslug I swaged. I tried 5 shot group of 28.5 grain, Seneca pellets not that good either, then tried Norma 17.8 grain pellets barrel didn’t like those either.
But it is still early and i will find what the barrel likes its all part of having fun doing that and checking size, weights and speed over chrono.
i am a retired Correctional officer from Illinois and in the later stages of heart failure so the rifle shooting and testing takes my mind off that and gives me something to do.
Thank you for taking time on the phone answering all my questions
even though you were busy, Your patience is remarkable and went above and beyond, If the lord above gives me more time I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
Thanks again Tony
Paducah Ky.



Todd W.  4/13/24

I recommend buying all your pcp/airrifle needs from Tony he goes above and beyond to meet customers needs … I will be out fitting my whole family with competition guns from him and will only use him for a shop …AAA+ Service there isn’t many businesses left the way Tony treats his customers unbeatable for sure ….Highly recommend


Rex 4/9/24

Tony really fixed me up with a great AGT Vixen.  I needed a super accurate .177 to shoot around the yard and to and maybe hunt squirrels once in a while (rather than use my .22 Taipan).  Tony fine tuned the trigger, set the velocity where I wanted, test fired a bug-hole group and shipped it out.  I got it just two days later – 3 states away!  I am 72 years old and have been a steady shooter/hunter for over 60 years.  This little Vixen is just a laser with 10.3 and 13.4 JSBs.  Going to have a blast with this gun!  Thanks Tony 


Joe    4/8/24

Hey man this is Joe. Just wanted to say thank you. I got the rifle this morning and opened it up and the pictures just don’t do the rifle justice. It is one bad ass looking gun. I will be heading out to shoot it this afternoon. Thanks again man. 


Zach   4/8/24

Tony gave me exceptional service ! Answered every question I asked. My rifle came shooting damn near perfect out the case I did a slight zero of my own.. and a barely cleaning which I think he mighta done as well ! I’ve seen some people talk bad about Tony on here and I think they are just impatient people you have to understand Tony’s phone does not stop ringing … but he’s still there to help his customers and I’m more then greatful to be one of them … I spend a lot a lot of money and I’m so happy with my impact m3 ! It’s shooting same hole at 50 yards ! And Tony has answered me every time I’ve called him thanks Tony ur the freakin man dude ! Sold me exactly what u said u would and it came in 3 days ! I’m blown away my sons blown away as well which means even more to me can’t wait to buy a bunch of ammo ! Tony gave me a great  deal …  He is a very nice guy I understand he is also very very busy I have told many people to reach out to him he’s a great guy and I respect everything he’s done for me ! Ps Tony I have a few questions call me when u get some time 👌👍🙏










Impact701  4/1/24

I just received my FX DRS .22 700 Classic today and I couldn’t be Happier with my new rifle.
Thank You So Much !

Tony called me twice after I ordered it. Once to ask what weight projectile I planned on shooting.
During this conversation Tony explained that he was checking the rifle to make sure it didn’t have any leaks and he fine tuned the trigger(He did an Amazing Job). He said he would shoot it and send me the the target and chronograph results.

I didn’t need to make any adjustments to the rifle it is shooting the H&N 34gr Heavy slugs at an average speed of 931fps. Which is exactly where I wanted to shoot them.


This is the first shots from my DRS.


Macten  3/19/24

I ordered a Taipan Veteran II from Tony and he really took care of me. He answered every question I had and even changed the order slightly when I had him add some more magazines prior to shipping it out (he already included 2 mags)
The rifle came extremely well packed and shipped in a very reasonable amount of time. Prior to shipping in his final inspection, he gave me a call and asked how I wanted it tuned quickly. After it arrived I quickly did a chronograph test, and it’s apparent he did exactly what I wanted.
Add the fact he sent all kinds of free stuff (shirt, mat, notepad, decals) I will certainly continue to deal with Talon Tunes. The Veteran II is beautiful and is at a minimum built as well as any high end airgun I’ve owned and I can’t wait to go get some groups with it. Thanks Tony!





Dre   3/8/2024

Absolutely great service! I received exactly what I ordered in the exact way I asked it to be shipped. Everything works perfectly and the prices are fantastic.
I’ll definitely be purchasing again from Tony


Mike W.   3/1/24

Thanks to Tony at Talon Tunes, I just received my new P3 Performance in .22. We added a Huma-Air rail below the bottle. And an Altaros moderator with muzzle brake which does a really nice job. Received a card with a shot string and groupings at 50 yards. Also included was a T-shirt,mouse pad/work mat,note pad and pen. Along with the 11shot magazine, I also picked up a 1 shot tray.

















Jeff W.   2/22/24




Doug H.   2/22/204

I called Tony with questions about the Uragan. He was very informative about the product. He directed me toward the latest version, the Uragan 2 .30 cal. He answered all my questions and made professional recommendations tailored for me, more so than what would potentially bring in more revenue. I got a personal phone call when the unit was ready to ship with all testing and tracking information. It arrived in 2 days! This is huge customer service IMHO. Special thanks to Tony and his impeccable service and knowledge for getting me into an airgun that is a true work of art! I highly recommend dealing with Talon Tunes! You won’t regret it!


David M.   2/20/2024

I ordered from Talon Tunes last week and Tony called me personally to go over my order.
Tony wanted to make sure I was getting exactly what I needed and even upgraded my order.
I ended up getting the Vulcan 3 today and it was so much better than I expected.
I’ve bought airguns from other online retailers and the customer service is by far the best!
Even the T-shirt was really nice.
Thank you Tony and the Talon Tunes team👍
You’ve exceeded my expectations and I will definitely shop with you from now on.


Tom Peterson  2/12/2024

I ordered an RTI P-3 from Talon Tunes just prior to Thanksgiving 2023. This is a busy time for everyone, especially folks who run a small business. Tony got ahold of me quickly and asked what I intended to use the gun for, how I wanted it tuned, how I liked the trigger, etc. It was in my hands a few weeks later. It arrived well-packaged and with lots of fun extras. It shot fantastic out of the box and the trigger is perfect. It took a little longer than the bigger sellers, but for the personal touch and the care that went into setting the gun up to my wishes, it was totally worth the wait.

Thank you, Tony! I will reach out again if I am in need of a high-performance rifle.


Lobodog1965  2/2/2024

I became aware of RTI Arms while scanning certain forums on the internet.

I’ve always wanted a top end “World Class” air rifle, but I just didn’t know that much about them to swing a purchase. Looking for dealers, I found TalonTunes out of Florida, and researching TalonTunes, I became aware of Tony.

I decided to call Tony to see if he could give me some guidance about RTI. The guns, the company, and his impression overall.

Tony was very personable, and at no time during our conversation did he ever act like he was “put out” by talking to me, and never seemed to be in a hurry to end the call.

He answered all of my questions in an easy to understand manner, and was not pushy about buying anything. I even commented to him about how refreshing it was to know there are still business owners that will take the time to talk to potential customers the way he did with me.

This is becoming rarer and rarer these days. We spoke about my shooting style and what I wanted the P-3 to be able to do, and Tony assured me that the P-3 was a very good choice for me, and that he would test it and tune it for the pellet I preferred.

Now he also told me that it remained to be seen if the gun “liked” the pellets I run in my Marauder, but he would take the time and try.

I ended up buying the P-3, scope (which Tony mounted and sighted in) and other accessories, (Tony did give a discount BTW) from him right there over the phone. About three days later I got a call from Tony, and he told me the P-3 and pellet combo worked out very well, and the gun was ready to ship.

I received the gun, which was packaged very carefully and arrived unharmed. What a beautiful air rifle, and does it shoot!! I own a professionally tuned Benjamin Marauder which is a great shooter, but this air rifle takes it to another level entirely!!

I enjoyed my purchase experience with Tony and TalonTunes, and highly recommend him and his company.

I had some questions about the P-3, so I gave Tony another call and he took the time again to talk with me and answer my questions. This “after the sale” attention is another testament to him, and his company.

If you are in the market to buy a high quality, high end air rifle, I strongly encourage you to give Tony a call. I’m very glad I did. Thank You Again Tony!!



Krisztian Z  2/1/24

I have bought an Uragan 2 700mm carbon stock in .22 from talontunes.com

A day later to my surprise the owner called me on my phone “What can I do for you and your rifle?”. In todays’ world stuff like this no longer happens. I asked him to tune the rifle down to shoot .22 18.51 grain pellets at 900-920. For this he ended up having to install a custom part. It was at a very reasonable price.

When I got the rifle it was mint and out of the box it shot that 18.51 grain pellet 920 +/- 5 FPS.

I have to say customer service like this is almost non existent. I highly recommend this website to buy your AGT (AGN) rifle or anything else.

Thanks you Anthony!


Jeff S  1/29/24

I finally received .30 cal last night around 7:30 it was delayed a day or 2 due to severe weather. I delivered it to my neighbor and he was ecstatic ! Im not gonna give you a sob story but I think you should here this. He has stage four prostate cancer and it’s spreading at an alarming rate, we don’t think he has much time left. When I took him this gun it was the happiest that I’ve seen him since he was diagnosed and for that I can not thank you enough. He wasn’t too keen on wood stock until I made him pick up my .25 and compare the weight difference, and all honesty I had no idea it was lighter until you told me when I ordered it so I had my fingers crossed you weren’t bsing me! But after a couple pulls on the trigger the stock was no longer an issue. It was so awesome seeing him liking life again just by you putting out a solid product! Im going to be customer for life. I just wanted to share this with you, never know how you can affect someone else’s life in such a positive way. Im trying to instill this in my boys , if you do a job do it right and the best you possibly can. I think that’s what you got going. Tony thank you so much !



 IndyDirt Digger   1/20/2024

Finally made my decision. Went with the RTI P-3 and a new dealer based on the recommendation of some on here. Talon Tunes is good to go. He actually called me to ask a few questions about the order, we probably ended up just chatting for about 15 minutes. Never had anyone or anyplace do that before and I buy a-lot of stuff. The order came well packaged to boot. In a general comparison to the PCP this is supplanting as my farm pest rig it is built like a tank. Now I just need the weather to improve… 



Erik  1/19/2024

Just received my new Taipan Veteran Tactical ll from TalonTunes yesterday! The customer service I receive from Tony is why I’m a repeat customer! He called me personally and asked me exactly what I wanted to do with this gun. I told him I wanted to set this gun up to shoot the .25 cal JSB KnockOut Slugs between 900 and 920fps. He did exactly that! Set the trigger to his standards…which is absolutely sweet, plus threw in a bunch of extra goodies! A nice gun cleaning mat, T-Shirt, memo pad and pen and decals! He also sent the velocity test results of a 10 shot string and a 5 shot 30yd group with the JSB slugs…AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!! The things like this is what sets Tony apart from the rest of the crowd! He did the exact same when I ordered my Taipan Mutant Veteran bullpup a few years ago. In my opinion folks, he’s the best in the business! So thanks again Tony for the excellent customer service! You’ll have a repeat customer in me!



Squirrelmaggedon 1/4/24

Talon Tunes really delivered. Tony @ TT really set me up with this new P-3. I own two Impact M3’s, however, I have zero confidence they were holding a zero when a fat juicy dove lands on my fence. I’ve had too many misses because of that. After bumming a buddy’s Prophet 2 for a few thousand rounds, I went ahead and “upgraded” to a gun that can hold a zero. I’m not bashing FX here. They are top notch range/comp rifles. I just needed a rock solid hunting rifle (daily driver) that can still shine at the range.


C. Michael 12/31/23

Condor 14″ shroud sound moderator ….. Just got this out of the box and Wow ! Have a few “real” NFA suppressors and the various manufacturers could learn a thing or two about superior fit and finish. Very impressive,light, just right fit to the barrel.
Got it out and it just gets better! Sound is really knocked down on my .25 Condor. Takes it from near .22 LR noise down to Daisy 880 with 2,3 pumps.
And this description doesn’t really do it justice either !
Well worth the short wait ,buy the best once and don’t look back.


C. Matera   12/26/2023

Who needs Santa Claus? When we’ve got Tony at Talon Tunes!

My RTI Prophet Performance 2.1 in .22 arrived today


Preston T   12/23/2023

I have been through a Air gun financial upheaval from hell trying to figure out what I need. I finally admitted that I was powerless and needed help. I told Tony what was required and based on his reputation and Air gun prowess I jumped on exactly what he recommended and wholly s***! I finally bought something I’m confident in thanks to Tony. You rock dude! I will never buy from anyone else. Tell him what you are wanting from your new gun or accessories and just shut up and trust him! Lol as a ex airborne infantry dude it’s hard for me to do it but trust me having shed thousands prior to coming to talon tunes. I am a loyalist for life I mean the guy makes sure your gun is fully operational before it leaves the shop and he sends u a cool group that he shot with your gun. No additional fees etc!? Talon tunes for life holmes!!! Tony your the man!!!


C. Matera    12/20/2023

Ordered a gun online from Tony on Monday. We all know how hectic things get around the holidays, not to mention Florida just got slammed with a major storm. Tony calls me today to thank me for my order and wish me a happy holiday. He said I’d have a tracking # by the end of the day. I barely got off the phone and it was in my Inbox. Just think about what vendor treats their customers like that the next time you need something he can supply.



I just wanted to take a second to thank Tony with talon tunes. He stands behind his products and has always been good to me. Here’s a couple he has setup for me. Don’t hesitate to call and talk to him. Thanks again Tony!

Uragan 2 600mm .30


Prophetganda.    12/14/2023

November 23rd, Thanksgiving, I text the Talon Tunes number and ask if I can order a Vulcan 3 in .25, slug tuned, and I get an immediate response.-a week later and I have a Vulcan 3 shooting 46 grain slugs at 1000fps, mighty accurately I might add.
Thank you Tony!! And now you know who I am haha



Preston T  12/12/2023

Asked Tony for a coyote dropping tool and he pulled one of these out and dialed it dead on balls for me!!! Vulcan 3 with avs I pity the fool!!


Steve Z.   11/18/2023

I picked up (two) Vulcan 3’s (one for my better half) and these guns shoot great, I am impressed. Tony from https://talontunes.com/ hooked us up and was a great help with info. He tuned them up so when we opened the boxes they were pretty much set, so far no tuning on my part but I will be experimenting a bit with different slugs.

The first 2 pics were at 50 yards with AVS 62.5 gr dish hollow point slugs… avg velocity @ 940 fps…the 3rd pic was 100yds smashing pumpkins with the same AVS slugs.

My better half who has never shot rifles before must be a natural because the 4th and 5th pic is of her and her 50 yard group…first time shooting so she was allowed that one flyer!!!

The last 2 pics were with 5 round group 62 gr hollow point dish made by Varmint Knocker…were supposed to be knurled up to .306 but unless my micrometer is off I measured 5 slugs with an average of .3045 but they still did pretty good. One flyer on that group and was 100% me I totally twitched and dipped the barrel as soon as I pulled the trigger so definitely not the slugs.

I did get a bit better averages on fps with the AVS but as far as accuracy at 100 yards they were close, I’ll do more of a comparison soon, waiting on more AVS slugs to come

So to sum up the first few days with the Vulcan 3 ….Love it….only thing I’d point out is tuning requires disassembling the air rifle so that would be the only drawback but balanced well, points well and is obviously accurate although options for .306 is limited as far as I can see. AVS seems to be the only one making .3063 that I can find. If someone has found another source please share…would love to test out other options.





Tyson Y  11/17/2023

Well it’s been just over a month since I made my purchase from Talon Tunes, a FX .30 M3 Impact. I couldn’t be any happier. I’ve already put almost four cans of lead though it. It really likes the 44.7 JSBs, so do I. So far this rifle has handled all of the vermin I’ve thrown it’s way, all the way out to 100yds without hiccup. I’m a very very happy customer, and so are mine.


John T.  11/16/2023

My first experience with Talon Tunes was satisfying. I called Tony with questions about what I wanted to buy, he provided suggestions, and ultimately I made a purchase. My expectations for performance weren’t met with the initial unit, and Tony was responsive with the troubleshooting. When the issue wasn’t resolved with my attempts, Tony made things right, in very SHORT ORDER! Service levels were top notch, and I am VERY pleased with where things are now. Talon Tunes is a small business, with limited man power. For every call they answer, that’s time out of their day. Have your questions ready, be concise, be brief, and thank them for their time with an order. I happy I gave TT a try, and I will be sending them more or my business soon. – JT



Jim G. 10/30/2023

Tony, The vixen has been excellent. I really enjoy PCP shooting. I’m also amazed at the accuracy that it has. I appreciate the good work setting it up for me.
I am attaching a few photos from my set up using the thermal image scope. So far it’s been a good combination.


Billy Y.  10/10/2023

Thank you Tony for fast service, and a beautiful little rifle. Arrived in perfect condition. Thanks again take care



Tyson Y.  10/6/2023

Ive always been a fan of shopping at small businesses, glad I stuck with that for this purchase. I placed my order online, and within two business days I was called by Tony, the owner of the company, this basically never happens in my experience. He introduced himself, thanked me for my purchase, asked if i had any questions about my purchase and asked a few of his own. All around a very pleasant interaction. Then a massive PayPal fiasco happened, by no fault of either of us. He called me back to let me know what happened and we got it cleared right up. My airgun showed up 3 days later, tuned to near perfection, cleaned and ready to go, including a thank you gift from him. I couldn’t be any happier with my choice of shop. I will always take my business to Tony first! Customer for life.



Frank P 8/29/23

I am starting to get the wind adjustments a bit better. Also tuning for different slugs.The FX Dynamic is a very accurate air rifle.
These shots were at 225 yards in wind. I made a couple elevation adjustments also. Feel free to use the picture.

 Thank You,


Charles J   8/18/2023
I just wanted to take moment to write this testimonial because of the great service I have received. a couple of weeks ago I ordered a Uragan2
25 caliber from TalonTunes . About an hour after ordering I received a call from Tony himself. Thanking me for purchasing this gun. People that is just not heard of these days. we talked for a while and he told me what he was going to do that he would do a leak test and then set it up and make sure everything was perfect before he would send it out I just want to say that meant so much to me. I have never spent that kind of money on a air rifle before and after talking with him I knew I was in good hands and he totally put me at ease about this purchase. I have had the rifle now for a few days and I want everyone to know what a fantastic air rife this is the trigger is unbelievable the carbon stock is nothing but bad ass. in just a few days I am shooting ten shot groups at 40 yards the size of my thumb. I mean hole in hole in hole it is unbelievable Thank you Thank you Thank you Tony for all the hard work you do to make your customers feel so at ease and for selling such Great products. I guarantee it wont be my last purchase from your great company. If everyone ran their company’s the way you do this world would be great. So if anyone out there is on the fence about buying from TalonTunes all I can say is do it you wont be disappointed.


Mike R 8/18/23

Enjoying the hell out of this Taipan Veteran 2 25 cal! Rifle is an absolute tack driver, built like a tank. Tony is a pleasure to deal with, great communication and prompt shipment.


Frank P.   8/7/2023

Hi Tony,
FX Dynamic .30/600mm
Love the air rifle, it’s awesome! Very accurate! Thank you again for great customer service and taking the time to answer all my questions. Being new to the air gun world it is greatly appreciated! I have also referred you to one of my friends. He shot it with me yesterday he fell in love with it.
  Shot at 100 yards with 60.80 grain Rifle Slug series slug. Small air gun target. Think I need tougher steel for the Dynamic.


Val Pugnea 7/26/23

BTW The guns I got off  you worked flawlessly.
REC. .25 cal.. Went with Mike at florida adventures Fort lauderdale. Never seen a dog retrieve a lizard before. 




shilo2048  7/19/23

I needed a high-pressure compressor to fill my Tanks. I came across TalonTunes website. I did my research and I found out that the compressor that they sell is one of the best that you can buy. I contacted the owner and he recommended the TXESB compressor that I bought and it works really great. He helped me out with any problems that I would have had. I highly recommend TalonTunes, to anybody that is interested in Airguns PCP or compressors or any accessories.


Jag5543  7/10/2023

Had a great experience with Tony and Talon Tunes. Bought a newer and somewhat hard to find in stock item from him and had some questions. Tony was very responsive and I never had to wait more than an hour to hear back from him. Got my product 2 days from purchase packaged very securely.

Really appreciated the fast responsiveness which is a rare thing these days.


Jmohm  7/9/2023

I have bought two guns from Tony. Both times I feel that he went above and beyond.
I will without a doubt buy from him again.


Vetmx  7/8/2023

I ordered a gun from him a couple days ago. Today I got a voicemail from him giving me the rundown on the gun I ordered. Just a brief description of what he was doing to it before he ships it. That call certainly wasn’t necessary but it sure was reassuring. I’ve ordered and waited on so many guns in my lifetime that I no longer get all jacked up and obsess over when will it ship or track my new toy like a stalker. But I have to say, that 20 second phone call goes a very long way. Hats off to him. I’ll remember this when the gun bug bites me again.


Raymond L.   6/21/2023

I wanted to give my highest recommendation for Tony and TalonTunes. I kind of stumbled on TalonTunes while searching for a barrel cap for a Benjamin Marauder that I purchased refurbished a couple months ago. I suspected the pellets were clipping the existing cap and had drilled the hole larger. Although the gun was a good value, there were several issues that left me wanting more. I explained to Tony that I wanted an air gun that was accurate (most all my shooting is inside 50yds), simple to operate and adjust and enough air onboard to enjoy shooting without constantly checking the pressure. Additionally, I mentioned that I had had found myself continually considering upgrades to my current rifle such as a pressure regulator and a hammer/spring as many owners had posted positive results. I indicated that I would prefer to buy a new high quality air gun with high performance that I wouldn’t feel the need to improve on. One thing that wasn’t important to me was the added expense of a beautiful wood stock. Tony had recommended a couple rifles that would suit my needs, neither of which I had ever heard of. Tony assured me that he only sells rifles of high quality that he would personally own. The rifles he recommended were the tactical style that I had never considered. The RTI Prophet II had everything I wanted and nothing I didn’t need. So, I added a scope, moderator, tripod and 4 tins of the pellets he would be using to tune the rifle. Tony called me 2 days later to let me know the rifle was tuned, scope leveled and zeroed at 30yds with the moderator installed and everything was up to his standards and ready for shipment to me. Tony reminded me that he stands behind his work and the rifles he sells so, feel free to contact him if I have any issues or concerns. I found his prices comparable to others but, his service is second to none. This was one of those purchases that was an enjoyable experience and that I attribute to Tony’s service. I would recommend that anyone, regardless of your air rifle experience, give consideration to doing business with TalonTunes. You won’t find better service!
Ray Leavitt
Jefferson, Maine


John B.  6/4/2023

Hey Tony just to let you know,my impact is now a tackdriver w 40g H&N slugs.249 dia…the carbon fiber sleeve made groups at 40 yds go from 1.15″ to one ragged hole w 5 shots at .350.
At 100 yds some pellets are keyholing,still maintaining moa. I have a stx heavy superior liner on order w a faster twist rate.My avg vel. W your tune is holding at 885 fps std dev about 4 fps.  Damn impressive,awsome set up tony.  Thank you!


Kinetic45  5/25/2023

I’ve bought from TalonTunes in the past years ago (A Texan and several TT carbon fiber bottles a couple of years before Airforce caught on to how to up performance) along with other accessories but this is the first time I called and talked with Tony.
I wanted a truck gun and didn’t have a clue of what might be suitable, so he took the time to explore my thoughts on it and then he explained how other people had approached the issue.
He recommended the Uragan 2 for me and how he’d tune it to fulfill my requirements ( .25, 36gr NSA slugs at at least 950 FPS). I think he charged a reasonable fee for the upgrades he did.
I got the 600mm barrel (which is of course harder to get power out of than the 700mm.) with the Red laminated stock and I’m VERY pleased with this airgun. It’s LIGHT, it’s very ergonomic for me and I’ve shot JSB 25 & 33 gr pellets and of course the NSA 36gr slugs and it’s very, very accurate. Spent the whole afternoon shooting and shot around 100 of each, so good to have the Mariner compressor for fast air). Off sandbags I’m getting an average of 5/8 OR LESS groups at 50 yards (with the slugs) . What’s amazing is the 25 grains are hitting 1037 FPS and I’d expect them to be scattering all over the place but I’m getting under an inch with them (yes, there’s always that damn flyer that raises group size, but if you subtract the flyer it’s smaller.)
Finally, I have to mention that the built-in shroud/moderator works really well and although I bought the additional moderator I will not be using it. That keeps the gun short and maneuverable which is what I wanted for a truck gun. You hear the poop but it’s so quiet I’m thinking you won’t hear it 10 or so yards away.
Note I’ve got an FX Maverick Sniper .25 w/ 700mm barrel and moderator which although a great rifle is NOT a truck gun and is actually pretty heavy, I mostly shoot it off the bench. Got a Hatsan Bullboss 25 which I’ve used for a truck gun but it doesn’t like slugs of any brand or weight and it’s HEAVY so fatiguing to carry after you’ve left the truck. The 257 Texan just obviously isn’t a truck gun, hahaha. I have big bores but they would be too much for truck guns.
But this Uragan is the perfect package of light, quiet and accurate so once again, thank you Tony for guiding me to it.

P. S. This is my first laminated stock because I’ve always gone for synthetic / black and I really like how it makes the rifle “pop”.


Carl H.   5/23/2023

Hi Tony, my Uragan 2 arrived and after reading the manual I topped off the rifle, mounted a Viper PST II 1X6 scope then loaded a magazine with NSA 36gr slugs and started testing it.
I’m VERY pleased with this rifle, it’s going to make a great truck gun! I had this scope mounted on an AAA Slayer 357 and swapped it to the Uragan and it only had to be brought up a few clicks to be dead on.
I am shooting at 25 yards and getting cloverleafs with TEN shots!
Thank you for taking the time to discuss my plans and recommend this gun over the one I’d originally thought to purchase, I definitely like the ergonomics, weight and SOUND deadening of the barrel shroud (IMHO it doesn’t need a moderator added, it’s nicely quiet and all that would do is make the overall length less suitable for the truck gun I’m using it for.



GA Leadhead   5/23/2023

Tony and Talon tunes are GREAT to deal with. If he has the rifle that I’m looking for, I will always deal with him.


Headshots 5/22/2023

TalonTunes is a great place to purchase airguns and and related items. Tony took his time to help me with some pre ordering questions. I never felt rushed when talking with him. Excellent customer service and its nice he goes over the airguns before shipping.


PrairieDogWhisperer57db  5/21/2023

After ruling out a suppressed firearm for my pest problem I started diving into the research for my first airgun purchase. After 2 weeks I was more confused than when I started, but after a month I had narrowed my search down to a couple nice PCP’s. Realizing that by the time I got a scope, bi-pod, sound moderation, and pellets that this would be a substantial purchase, I decided to send an email to Tony at TalonTunes. In the email, I expressed my precise purpose, distance and need for discretion among my neighbors. The response that I got included Tony’s cell phone number so that he could talk while shooting and tuning airguns in his shop. Tony was immediately concerned that the rifles I had chosen were better suited for other purposes and suggested an RTI Prophet 2 in .25 caliber. I think it is important to note that the price range of the Prophet was very close to one of the other rifles I had suggested. The extra power and accuracy that I got in return was worth every penny.
Tony and I went over the precise performance attributes that I needed and within 10 minutes I had a quote for a finished airgun. I did a little research on the parts that Tony suggested to find that they were all excellent quality for a mid-range price. One more call to discuss if each part could be downgraded in price without hurting performance or slightly upgraded in price with larger benefits. Again, 10 minutes later a new quote for my perfect airgun.
The rifle took longer to ship (5 days) than it did for Tony to build it, tune it, and sight it in. Knowing that the owner of the company had so much hands on time into my gun certainly made me feel warm and fuzzy.
I expressed to Tony that I did not want to get the rifle and find out that I needed adapters or special tools and that I would like to start eliminating my pests as soon as possible. Again, Tony listened to my specific needs about living in a rural area and not wanting to go make a long drive to town and helped me find both a rifle and refill tank/valve that can maintain pressure for extended periods safely. It took me all of 2 minutes to figure out how to connect and fill with the simple setup and instructions that Tony gave me.
THE FUN STUFF. As a competent firearms shooter, I was very leery of how accurate a scope could be after being removed from a gun and remounted while left in the rings for shipping. My first real shot was about 30yds in a prone supported position. Success! Highly effective I might add. Immediately afterward a second target presented itself about 60 yds out, from a kneeling supported position I thought would be a true test. Got him too! TO SAY THAT I’M IMPRESSED IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT! I thought at very least a couple clicks would be necessary. At 57 db my skittish dog doesn’t even notice it and with Tony’s tuning at 72 fpe I can eliminate any prairie dog within 100yds and probably the errant coyote that makes his way under my fence as well. How accurate/effective is it? I’ll let you know when I miss HAHA!

PS – If you don’t know about the TalonTunes bi-pod.. you should! That thing is super light, super adjustable on the fly, carbon fiber tough and bad ass. I will be buying these for a few of my non-airguns as well. I could write a whole review on just the bi-pod.

Neal Apr 27, 2023
Hello all, I’m new to posting but not new to dealing with talon tunes. I’ve bought several airguns(taipan Mutant, taipan veteran, edgun lelya 1.0, uragan 2) from Tony and have always been happy with the service. Thank you Tony for providing customers with great service! I will be contacting you on another uragan 2 soon! Just a throw back I still have from back in the day. Thanks Tony!



YankeeDan Apr 23, 2023
I just completed my first PCP purchase ever. I placed an order on Talon Tunes and the transaction failed on my side.
Tony called and thanked me for my business and walked me through completing the purchase-on his day off! I was assured the gun would be tested and set to a specific FPS for a specific pellet. Tony took the time to offer his future service and help.
This kind of customer service and personal touch are sadly becoming rare. I’m glad to have found a good team at Talon Tunes as I grow in this hobby and I look forward to further business with Tony and son.
Mauipilikia 5/11/23
Wanted to make public Mahalo to Tony at talon tunes.
Very positive first impression sir!
As always, I’m a little skeptical when spending a couple thousand $ with a new vendor.
I was very surprised and impressed with the personalized service and call.
I know it’s a little cliché
“back in my day they had REAL customer service “
type sounding deal, but for real I appreciate ya.
Thank you so very much for going above and beyond by UPSing my orders as well.
That blew my frigging mind that you did that brah!
Huge Mahalos to you sir &
Much Aloha from me to you.
Tim C.5/12/23

Talon Tunes is the place where the book on customer service should be written. While placing my first order with TT today, I transposed a couple of numbers on my credit card CCV and hit the place order button. I notice my mistake and before I could correct the three digit number, my phone rings, guess who?…. Tony from Talon Tunes, just checking to make sure everything was going ok with my order. At that point he received my order. We chit chatted for a few and he explained his process of checking and testing before shipping. Asked if I had everything I needed, which I do. Told me to call if I had any questions…. WOW! That there is what customer service is all about! Thank you Tony!
Now just waiting for the day the Vixen long in .22 arrives

John Lampkins 5/2/2023
Talon Tunes is top notch! I highly recommend Tony for all your airgun needs. I have made several purchases with Tony and EVERY one came to me as ordered, tuned and ready to go out the box! This is how ALL business should be conducted. Tony is a great guy who will take time with you to answer your questions and recommend products that suit your needs. He’s not just pushing the latest airgun. I absolutely believe that if you buy once from Talon Tunes you will go back over and over just like i have. Stop spending your money with the other guys who don’t give a crap about you. Do business with Tony.
magnummaniac 2/8/2023


Just wanted to say a SPECIAL thanks to Tony at Talon Tunes. Talked to Tony on a couple of occasions regarding the purchase of an AT Uragan 2 or FX Maverick. I told him I was a set it and forget it airgun shooter, wanted one set up that was super accurate with a specific pellet and extremely reliable. He told me without a doubt buy the Uragan 2. I made the purchase with the power mod. A week later Tony called and gave me the stats on the gun. It’s a .30 cal.shooting 44.7gr. pellets@ 1047f.p.s. average with a 10 shot one hole test target.
Received my gun within 2 days of it being shipped.Upon opening the box I was amazed at the beauty and craftsmanship in this gun.I was smiling from ear to ear. I now have the gun set up and after a few sighters it’s shooting one hole groups for me at 50 yds.With the power mod you know you are shooting something very special!
Tony was a great person to deal with patiently answering all my questions. Keep up the good work.Any future airgun purchases from me will be from Talon Tunes!

LoveMyCondorSS 2/8/2023


Hello everybody
I just received my brand new FX Impact M3 in .25 from Talon Tunes, all I have to say is F’N WOW! I am almost speechless as to how this airgun performs.
I put for now a cheap center point scope (for now) on her took a few shots and had her spitting .25 25gr slugs in one raged hole, in about 10 shots at 50 yards. She is very quiet too. Much quieter than my Condor. This is absolutely hands down the best rifle I have ever owned.

Thank you Tony! I love this rifle already.


Mauipilikia 5/07/2023

Wanted to make public Mahalo to Tony at talon tunes.
Very positive first impression sir!
As always, I’m a little skeptical when spending a couple thousand $ with a new vendor.
I was very surprised and impressed with the personalized service and call.
I know it’s a little cliché
“back in my day they had REAL customer service “
type sounding deal, but for real I appreciate ya.
Thank you so very much for going above and beyond by UPSing my orders as well.
That blew my frigging mind that you did that brah!
Huge Mahalos to you sir &
Much Aloha from me to you.

Allen P. 9/28/2022
Thanks for your help and knowledge. My wife told me I could get a FX impact M3 and the parts I wanted to go with it. I have been looking at this gun for a long time but could not afford the price so I saved and when I was ready to buy I could not find a .22 700mm in stock until I saw one at TalonTunes. I called and no one answered and I thought I would just call back later. I was surprised I got a call back 2 minutes after I hung up. It was from Tony. We talked for about 10 minutes and I found out he had everything in stock that I wanted. I order it over the phone and in less than a week it was here and everything was as Tony said. I was happy with the test data that Talon Tunes sent too. You now have a new customer. Thanks again
Benjamin 7/20/2022
Not only does Talon Tunes perform well as a company but they exceed the benchmark in customer service setting the bar very high for others to follow. Though based in Florida they ship all over far and wide. I bought an FX M3, a fine build from Tony, tuned by Anthony which when delivered included a custom shot FPS spread, center to center group, signed shot card all this like a piece of art work. You don’t get from the big box stores. Like a Icing on the cake to go along with the custom work they maliciously designed for me. But at Talon Tunes on their online web page I found they have loads of products. Sometimes even though says it is out if stock it is actually in stock so just contact them. Like many web pages just a glitch, it happens. From entry to budget to hi-end. They have it all. Fair and honest price points from a honest group of guys who love the sport just as much as you and I. Be sure to to check them out I’m not getting paid for this review, It’s right thing to do for good service for reliable people who deserve honest feedback.


Tony “owner” of Talon Tunes seller of major brands of Air Rifles but also, hot rodding customizing and supplier of parts and installing parts in brand new rifles. His web site has a vast selection of Air rifles, parts, accessories and the business is locally owned in FL, but that don’t let that stop you from checking into what he can offer. True customer service and support from Day one the experience was excellent. Not only did he personally customize my order but he corrected it and fine tuned it to my specific needs. I like to keep my business as local as possible, supporting not the big box stores but supporting my neighbors who love what they do and are making a living just doing as I am. Tony and staff is the go-to in the industry for Air Rifles, custom work, entry level or high end. Money well spent. Hands down. This is the place to go. Tony will make it right from start to finish rest assured you get what you pay for.


Maury Werth 9/02/2021


My first order from talon tunes was for the FX hybrid hollow points.orderi.g was easy and quick, so was the shipping since I’m in Florida also! My order was sent to the wrong address, but this was fr the mail carrier not Mr. Tony! I called to order more, and explained the situation. Mr tony then took my new order over the phone and did a completely different shipping process for me! Had it over nighted for me! You can’t beat these guys on price, work, or customer service!!! I plan on getting all of my air rifles tuned and customized through these guys!!!
I’ve also takes to Mr. Tony about some other products he sells and his services. The knowledge he has about them is astounding! Of you are like me and love yo support local business, this is the guy to go to for airgun products!! I will be a customer for life!!!


Eric Lovern 9/07/2021


Hello all,
I am a repeat customer here at Talon Tunes and cannot say enough good stuff about Tony and his business. He is, above all, honest…
Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it is. Tony provides outstanding customer service, is responsive when communicating. He is patient with questions (I have maxxed that out 🙂 ). He is my first choice when shopping for a new rifle, an accessory, or ammo. On top of that, he is very knowledgeable about the products he sells. Give him a shot, you won’t be sorry…


Phillipf 3/05/2020


I just received my 9″ moderator for talon today delivery was quick I put it on and was amazed to say the least this thing is worth every penny I can’t say enough about it. Can’t way to be off work and really send some lead down range!!!! Awesome, thanks Talon Tunes.


I was looking for a way to quite down my TalonP, during my research I kept seeing references to TalonTunes moderators. Finally I decided to order the 9” moderator for the TalonP, but was a little bit worried if it would actually work. All I can say is that the product is amazing!!! Exceeds my expectations in quality and function!

John Lawrence   

I have had the pleasure to work with Tony on his sites and making videos for his products. Hes is a stand up guy that makes GREAT products that are unmatched by no other. Keep up the great work Tony


Hi from France ? 11/23/14

I am the lucky buyer of this beautiful custom stock that I received today.
The wood is superb and actually in pristine condition. And it perfectly fits on my 2005 Talon.
Thank you Tony for answering my questions and for your fast shipping.
Last week I also received the Talon Hammer with slap modification, the 6-inch shroud and the stainless steel power wheel screw.
I confirm the good feedbacks that I read, these accessories are perfectly crafted and quite efficient.

Bravo :thumb:

Andy Horvath   

Recently received this gem of a bullpup from Tony and I’m impressed to say the least. I have had Crickets and Vulcans, and this Mutant tops them in several categories. The trigger is a much better design and very easy to adjust precisely. The magazine system is much better than the fumblebum Cricket, and quicker to load than the Vulcan. The changeable cocking lever moves much more smoothly than the Cricket’s, and the hammer spring is free floating until cocked. The accuracy is stellar, as are the Crickets and Vulcans due to the outstanding CZ barrel. The stock, while not the best looking, is very ergonomic and fits like a glove. Lastly, the price is quite a bit less which means more money for a good scope or more pellets! IMHO the Mutants are expertly crafted and are the most practical high end bullpup available. I will definitely be eliminating a load of ground squirrels with this outstanding bullpup! Thanx a Bunch Tony!


He took the time out to answer my questions where as most just force you to go through email for communication. Then you get to wait a few days to get a response. Screw that noise. Same thing with Tony. I can call him up and ask questions and he’ll answer every one of them. I was buggin’ him in the past about the Vulcan and he answered all my questions even though I told him I wasn’t ready to purchase. I know, it’s common sense courtesy but most vendors these days are lacking it.

Eric Lovern   

Received my Uragan .25 rifle recently. Anthony did a fantastic job on tuning the rifle to my request. It is a tackdriver. From a rest, I can hit paintballs at 65yds pretty easily. Love the rifle and am a Talon Tunes forever customer.. Thank you Anthony.



Ordered slap hammer last night and you have already notified me it has shipped – great service –thanks.

Question – I have the newer Condor with spin lock tank – can I replace the hammer from the breech end?

I know Pandemic has the video on replacing by removing the barrel, but sure looks harder that way.

I couldn’t really find an answer on the forum so I thought I’d go right to the big guy for the answer!


Derek W   

Got a very nice .25 Taipan Veteran from Tony at TalonTunes. Had to get the laminate stock too in Coffee. It delivered and was all I hoped for. I maxed it out shooting the 33.95 King Heavies at a 920 fps plateau and dialed it back for 900 fps. I was getting about 28 shots from a 250 bar fill

I never keep guns in factory form so, Ernest has developed a Power Plenum for the Vet. Got one on the way in a short short. Installed that dude and lowered reg pressure from 150 bar to 135 bar. I also did a little port/polish on the firing-valve and polished the dual transfer port while in there.

I am now getting 42 regulated shots with the King Heavies from a 250 bar fill at 900 fps ??. I’d say I hit the target ? Speaking of, it shoots great but will wait until I get it to 75 – 100 yards before I get excited. It does prefer the original King Heavies over the MK2s.

. That trigger, dang, why can’t the other manufacturers take a page from the Taipan book ?

BoB R   

After a lengthily discussion with Tony regarding upgrades to and existing air rifle, he suggested I consider buying a new one and consider the Taipan. I had never heard of them previously so, Tony said do some research and call him on Monday….

My shooting requirements are as follows; needs to be quiet, powerful (adjustable), accurate, quality (I’m talking wood and metal, not a big fan of “polymer” aka, plastic) and a great trigger. I live on 2.5 acres so I need this to be accurate enough for testing, quite enough to shoot off my front porch and have the ability to adjust the power output to meet the needs of both target and hunting. I HATE lousy triggers. they screw up an otherwise accurate shot.

I read and watched any and all postings and videos regarding the Taipans and quickly realized this gun sounds like it fits the bill for me. Realize that I don’t weigh everything I see and read the same. Some reviews make a lump of coal sound like am olympic ready airgun. That was not the impression I had with most regarding the Taipan….

Convinced now, I called and spoke to Tony about my options. No brainer. I was going to spend almost $700 in upgrades to my existing gun and still have just an “eh” trigger, I took the plunge. I bought the Taipan Veteran Long with CZ barrel in grey laminate stock, some pellets, the hammer adjuster, extra mags and holder, and waited for it to arrive.

When I opened the shipping box, Tony had installed the quick adjust on the hammer spring adjuster, mag holder and even test fired it and included the crony shot string. Fantastic effort by Talon Tunes for pre-testing things rather than pulling off the shelf and just shipping. I really appreciated this. Now for my observations and options of the Taipan Veteran Long….

Metal work fit and finish is superb. Cocking arm opens and closes like bank vault. Single shot tray (a great accessory for odd ball pellet shooting) and magazines a precision machine and simple in design. The stock is excellent and a great compliment to the gun. Some have complained about it but it is well though out. The front/forearm is wide and flat like varmint/benchrest PB rifles and helps with stability on a rest. It has enough “meat” for me to install a Q/D swivel stud to use my Sinclair bipod….

Now on to shooting. I mounted a Hawke Airmax FFP 6×24 IR scope in Warne rings. It took 3 pellets to zero everything. In the pouring rain, at night shooting at 23 yards, this Taipan is without a doubt the most accurate gun I own. And I have a few to say the least. The trigger is fantastic! It came set at 14 ounces, i left it as is. The accuracy was superb! Pellet on pellet. I used FX 18 GR as well as H&N 21 GR, no change in impact, same one hole.

The next day, with bipod installed and better weather, I shot some more. This damn thing is addictive. I shot almost 100 pellets and the point of impact really didn’t change ( at 23 yards). This thing is super efficient. As to sound levels, all I hear is the pellet impact and very quiet “ting” of the hammer. Amazingly quiet.

I own a half dozen CZ guns, both rifle and pistol, everyone of them is built like a tank, and accurate as hell. They KNOW how to make great barrels the old fashion way, cold hammer forging. Clearly this holds true for the tube on this Veteran.

Other things of note: I was concerned about the position of the cocking lever. Don’t be. 20 shots and it becomes second nature. I maintain grip with my right hand and use my left to reach over and cock it. I prefer this to adding complexity and parts to move it forward. My choice to get the long version was driven by two factors; bigger air reservoir, longer barrel for velocity (a bullpen keeps the overall length short but I can still get a long barrel) and better sound reduction with a longer moderator. Besides, the added weight helps accuracy IMHO.

So, am I happy? No. Thrilled and amazed is more appropriate! I have already shot a full tin and into the next one. It is stunning to me the accuracy. I laugh and shack my head when I release the magnificent trigger. I can put shots through the hole in my steel ram target at will. It is about 3/8 of inch in diameter… and did it many times at almost 25 yards. This gun now begs me to push out to 50 yards and beyond. Thats where I will be testing pellets and velocities to dial things in just right.

Overall, just buy this gun IF; you love high quality metalwork and wood, robust build, simple operation, crazy accuracy, phenomenal trigger and enjoy shooting rather than spending a fortune on “fixing” flaws. The Taipan Veteran will last a lifetime and give enjoyment beyond its price. As a matter of fact, this gun is worth it if it sold at $2K plus, easily! (Tony, leave the price where it is! I want to buy another one, maybe in .25???)

Tony at Talon Tunes provides advice and service the way things should be done. He picks up the phone, tests what he ships to you and knows his products. Unheard of nowadays. He was spot on connecting me with the gun that fills my needs perfectly. He has a customer for life and my sincerest thanks for the great advice and nailing it with connecting me to my most favorite rifle.

Best Wishes

Joseph Klonowski   

Ordered my rifle 10/9/19. Tony set up my rifle as we discussed. Recieved the following week. Rifle is perfect in all aspects. Pushing 60fpe with 33.95 JSB. One hole accuracy at 28 yrds. Took two squirrels first hunt with it 26, & 40 yrds. Completely satisfied with Talon Tunes. Joseph K Akron, Ohio

Author *Michael (Beef75j on Yellow)   

Got the gauge installed! Thanks…back to shooting ?


Received my quad rail today, very sturdy and perfect fit.

I removed the handguard, so I could fit the rail all the way to the end of frame. Doing that, I cannot anymore adjust the power-wheel – but it ain’t issue for me as I don’t need to touch it anyways. It would easily fit without removing handguard even in escape’s shorther frame, but wanted it this way.


I think it looks great: https://ibb.co/m7rZvG

Author *mikke   

Testimonial *Best quality products, fast shipping, no other stores anymore for my Gunpower sss. 25.Thank you all for the nice service.Best Regards ?from Sweden.

Author * BeemanR7   

Testimonial * Not long ago I discovered coyotes within 50 yards of my house at night. I called Tony for advice. He suggested a new .25 cal. barrel for my Airforce Condor. He prepped my new barrel and shipped it along with the 37 gr. hollow point slugs that he recommended, two new breech seal orings, and got it all in the mail that same day. Now that’s what I call service! The new combo is accurate and powerful and my pests are all gone. Tony gets it done. Thanks Tony.


Aaron Berg *   

Thanks Anthony- I appreciate doing business with people that have integrity in their product and personable and prompt with their customer service. I will continue to use your products and refer you to future clientele. Talk soon-Testimonial *

Author *Steve Tunder   

Testimonial *Just wanted to thank Tony for his excellent products. I own a Airforce Condor .25 cal original…not the SS. I love the loud bang and that is why I went with the original. The neighbors did not like the loud bang. So……I decided to modify the Condor to make it quieter and more accurate.

First thing I bought was the 14 inch suppressor. It really cut down on the noise. I was still getting the supersonic crack of the pellets. The Condors come from the factory pretty hot. I adjusted the gun to cut down on the speed of the pellets and my accuracy went ballistic. Now I have a gun that was quiet and accurate. But not as accurate as it could be it seems.

Since I loved the quality of the suppressor, I decided to get just about everything I could to make the Condor truly impressive. So I ordered the adjustable top hat. The trigger spring. The tank drop down. The fiber tank. The anti slap brass heavy duty hammer. The WokGuard15 MK2. The stainless steel allen nut for the power adjuster. I added a more comfortable AR15 handle grip and modified it to fit the Condor.

All I can say is that now this gun is just plain crazy accurate and more fun to shoot. I expect it to do hole in hole at 50 yards most of the time. I expect it to nail the bulls eye at 100 and beyond. No pest is safe anywhere within 150 yards. It is what the gun should be from the factory.

The biggest gains in accuracy was the installation of the adjustable top hat and the anti slap hammer. But the other mods were together just as fantastic because it made the gun a more comfortable better gun to shoot.

Thanks Tony for your awesome products.


Thank you Mr. Tony. I just received my Taipan Veteran Compact .25 today and am completely ecstatic about my purchase from Talon Tunes. I’m not even sure where to start. Guess I can start off with the trigger, it is definitely set up perfectly for me, extremely crisp break and set at the perfect trigger pull for me, nice and light. Next is the accuracy, out of the box using JSB Exact King Diabolo 25.39gr at 45 yards just blew me away, pretty much pellet on pellet as long as I did my part. And finally just how quiet and back yard friendly it is especially with a Donnyfl Tatsu attached, all I heard was the pellet hitting the back stop. I can not thank you enough Mr Tony for taking the time setting this rifle up for me and taking the time out of your day to answer any questions I had. Now to start setting aside some extra money for a .22 version. Thank you again.


Hi Tony, the Vet arrived today – all that I can say is WOW! This thing is gorgeous! I wish that I would have got into one sooner. I’m in awe of the fit, finish, and function.

Also, I appreciate the quick turnaround. I’ll likely contact you again soon for a 25 long ?

Todd R   

I finally went on my first Mountain bike / Airgun hunt. I have wanted a gun that I could take down and put in a pack and ride to and through my hunting destinations. A deal came up on a Talon SS .22 and thought I would give it a try. After a great tune by Anthony266 this gun was shooting real nice. Being a scant 32 inches long and under 7lb scoped, I set out for my local areas.
I was riding through a field and lo and behold I saw 6 crows land to get a drink of water. I quickly screwed the bottle on and loaded the gun. I set up my bipod and hunkered down for my first “ out of the backpack shot.” The pellet went thwap and feathers flew but he took off—to low. I was a little anxious and it showed. I kept riding and went to a spot where I new of some Ground Squirrels. I rode in behind a building and assembled my gun (10 seconds). There he was sitting up on his honches looking around. I crept forward and then set up the bipod, took aim at this 30 yard target and thwap—got him. Another 30 yards to my left was his bunk mate wondering what was going on—Thwapp—got him. Feeling pretty good about this and just about ready to go home, another GS popped his head up another 30 yards to the left. I crept over to a rise and set up the bipod. This made him about a 40 yard shot. I was using Kodiaks and thought the pellet would drop some so I aimed for the head thinking if it dropped the pellet would hit vitals and be a clean hit either way. Thwapp!! Down he went. I went over to the area where I hit him and sure enough the pellet went right in the side of his head. Wow. I either jerked up a bit when I shot or the pellet had very little fall in the 40 yards. (next time I will bring my camera).
This gun loves CP’s, JSB’s , Kodiaks and Predators to about 25 yards. All these pellets have a very close POI at closer range so no worries of clicking your scope or counting mildots. I pretty much put the cross hairs on the target in the 20 to 40 yard range. This gun is amazingly quiet, just a thong sound of the hammer hitting. It is very easy to load, you just push the bolt forward, load the pellet and bring it back. It’s not as nice as a multishot but hey you can’t have everything. The gun takes so little effort to load and cock that even a youngster could load this gun with no problem. This little gun is set to about 23-25 fpe (can be set higher). It shoots about 840 fps down to about 805 for thirty shots. At 20 yards however, I can shoot a good 50 times with no POI change before a fill. Removing the bottle is a snap. Simply unscrew, no back pressure or anything to worry about, very easy. Another interesting thing is how the gun looses its pressure. Most PCP guns have a shooting curve that usually starts low and then climbs, and goes back to low. The Talon simply shoots from high to low. This type of pressure regulation may be a bit more predictable and definitely not a problem. The Take Down nature of this gun is a rare feature in airgunning. It makes travel, hiking, and biking with this gun an easy thing to do. In my research on this gun I found very little talk about this feature (except Jim C.) I am going to design a travel backpack for this gun and have it made by a friend who works with such materials.
This gun has always had my curiosity with all the heated debate over this gun. Many do not like the military look and quickly dismiss it. Many tinker with this gun and mess it up and get frustrated. Many shoot these guns right out of the box and they shoot well. Some have problems out of the box. I do know that this gun shoots well and yes it has been tuned but hey, people buy guns for 5 times the price and tune them as well. If you buy one of these guns I would recommend sending it straight away to Anthony266 for a tune. You will then be on your way to shooting a very interesting, fun, accurate, powerful, quiet, small, portable, enjoyable gun.
Stay tuned for the upcoming side by side comparison review with an Air Arms TDR.

Special thanks to Anthony Annuzzi for his great work and to McSquidly for finding me this gun.
Happy Shooting

James Lewis   

Condor SS from Talon Tunes is the real deal. Recieved my order as promised (perfomance and time). This gun will hold a dime size group at 50 yards with power to spare. Tony has great cutomer service and his work speaks for its self. If you want an amazing gun I highly recommend you get one from Tony. Thanks from Guam

Author *Marvin Denson   

Testimonial *Hey Tony, just wanted to say thank you very much for the beautiful work you put into my .25 Condor ss rifle. It’s a beast and I haven’t put it down yet.Every thing they said about you is true,you are the man.I will be posting some photos as soon as I get some time. Just had to give you a shout out. Thanks again.Marvin


As a new owner of a Condor SS and new to the whole pellet gun world I want to thank Tony for his help. He spent time answering all my questions about upgrading my Condor. New hammer, top hat, and shroud on its way. Great company to work with. Easy to order and quick shipping. Thanks again!

Joe L   

Tony Talon Tunes The Italian Stallion of Airguns!!!April 15 2016 at 7:23 PM Joseph Lamonica (Login joecuz-velocity)
I had my first dealing with the Italian Stallion & after yrs hearing all these great things about Tony I finally had the opportunity to speak with him & deal with him & I can truly say is the rumors of him being great to deal with & how takes his time to satisfy everyone…well they’re all true….Thanks Again!!


Hey Tony,

That is not only for the Swag that you took the time to ship out to me, but also for everything that you do to support our community and sponsor these Forums!
Great idea throwing in a few biz cards too. I will be certain to pass them along to those that are seriously interested into how they can get outfitted with the same type of gear as I have…
I always recieve alot of attention whenever I head out to the range
So far I have had two people that were powder burner types that actually followed thru and started in on the airgun stuff.
It will be very beneficial to have an actual card to send those folks that always ask,,, “how fast, how far, HOW MUCH?”!
I can’t commend you enough for the way you have managed the website. I really appreciate how neutral and unbiased you remain and allow for uncensored dialog ….. It took me a minute to realize that you and your biz were responsible for these forums. Thats how transparent and unbiased you have managed to be! I am sure it can be tough at times. But I want you to know that it speaks largely of your integrity and confidence in what you do!
Thanks for the decals, and cards! I will do my best to help promote some of your products when opprotunity presents itself.
– :8: dougroundup.
? Now let’s see where I should place these decals? Hmmm? One for my .257 Anvil Flight Gun Case. One will go on my Chrony. One for my Air Compressor, and yet another two more for my Air Tanks….. Wow! I am gonna need more stickers! :rofl: It always pays to advertise! :rofl:


Got this beauty of a Vulcan today from Tony…too late to do much with it but…wow!


I called Tony at Talon Tunes and asked what was the best bullpup on the market and he turned me on to the Vulcan from the Czech Republic. This gun is totally amazing. Compact – 26 inches, lightweight – just 6 pounds, powerful – well over 930 fps, accurate – able to hit targets over 100 yards away, and sexy!
If your in the market for a bullpup then I suggest the Vulcan. You won’t be sorry. These airguns are not cheap but if you’re already committed to buying one then why not spent the extra money and go from a good airgun to a great one and let Tony tune it and make it sing like a canary. This is my second airgun. The first one is the CONDOR SS and it’s another beauty from talon tunes.

People (mostly men) get an airgun for various reasons:
Match contestant
Pest eradication
But for me it brought back memories of when I was a kid and how much I enjoyed shooting my BB & pellet guns. I have plenty of guns at my house but these are far safer and more fun to shoot.
You only live once so buy one that will make you happy for a very very long time. I’m totally satisfied and I’m sure I’ll buy another one in the future. Thanks Tony for your expertise in this field, I really appreciate your dedication and hard work.


Michael Holman   

I have a Air Force Condor SS in .25. I have fitted it with the TT hammer and Top Hat, as well as the Tank adapter. I use the large restrictor for my general shooting with Beeman CrowMags and I remove the restrictor to shoot 55 grain cast pellets producing 81 FPE to hunt pigs. So far I have killed a 50# and
a 100# pig, Talon Tune the only way to go.


Hi Tony, I got the order from you. Thank you very much. Everything I ordered is better than I expected. The carbon fiber tanks you sent are perfect. I really like the weight loss and higher fill pressure. I think it is perfect for my 257 build.
Thanks buddy


Great! Seller
Fasstttt Shipping
I order an FX and comes y great packing very secure


Thanks Tony for a flawless transaction. My marauder pistol gauge failed so i tried the Talon Tunes air gauge. I received it packaged in thick bubble wrap. The design and quality was rock solid and i am back shooting with no problems. Thanks again.

Jens From France   

Date: 2015-04-16

Hi Tony,
Well, arrived a little late at home, but not too late to unbox and put a scope on and – oh yes – send some JSBs down range or rather down garage.

I am at the point where I have to recognize that I’m missing words in your language to describe the effect that this fine rifle of yours has on me, to describe my emotion. This is a masterpiece, but hey – you forgot to sign. Every artist signs his work, normally ?
I consider your signature to be graved on every single pellet that will leave the barrel. Really, Tony, it was worth the wait, super-smooth action, indescribable sound when firing (I just love this sound) and the full “whack” when the pellet hits the backstop. Man… It’s just pure amazement and joy, hard to stop when the light goes down.
Can’t wait to get her working outside on bigger distances. I saw your 30 yard target, I know what she’s capable of, this is important and reassuring. This is going to be big fun.
Thanks also for the shirt, you were right, M is perfect, thank you for the stickers and your cards. I’ll make good use of it.
One little regret nevertheless… that I didn’t call you earlier for this rifle, haha.
This is great work, and I don’t know how to say thank you in the most adequate way.
Keep up this great work, Tony.
Thank you, my friend.

Andy H.   

Recently received this gem of a bullpup from Tony and I’m impressed to say the least. I have had Crickets and Vulcans, and this Mutant tops them in several categories. The trigger is a much better design and very easy to adjust precisely. The magazine system is much better than the fumblebum Cricket, and quicker to load than the Vulcan. The changeable cocking lever moves much more smoothly than the Cricket’s, and the hammer spring is free floating until cocked. The accuracy is stellar, as are the Crickets and Vulcans due to the outstanding CZ barrel. The stock, while not the best looking, is very ergonomic and fits like a glove. Lastly, the price is quite a bit less which means more money for a good scope or more pellets! IMHO the Mutants are expertly crafted and are the most practical high end bullpup available. I will definitely be eliminating a load of ground squirrels with this outstanding bullpup! Thanx a Bunch Tony!

Author *colin davenport   

Testimonial * this air force condor had a tune and camo, setup as a 50-60 ft lbs coon and small game getter. Accuracy has been top notch with consistent 1 hole groups, I’m confident that this week will bring 40-50 yard groups with similar results. Tony was very easy to work with and offers a lot of options for the air force guns. Future plans include upping the power while keeping the accuracy. Thank you talon tunes for a positive experience and look forward to working with you on future modifications.

Lawrence M.   

April 30 2015
TalonTunes TDR rifle

Arrived yesterday. Beautiful work on the valves and general fit and finish.

Big bottle with your mod is very cool. Design is your calling, Tony. The fact that your design has a gauge, takes a Foster and gets the biomechanics right when shouldering the gun is going to be a game changer. Need to get a few hundred rounds through the platform before I can say much conclusively about the new system, but it looks like something McCasslin should have figured out years ago.

Paul S.   

Hi Tony,

Thanks again for calling Friday, your advice and wisdom are greatly appreciated. After talking, I approached the task with renewed confidence and was able to break the valve free from the bottle without adding heat and without further cosmetic damage.

My new TTTA and QC Top hat are performing perfectly, a post upgrade shooting session on my range put a big smile on my face. I can tell I’ll be needing to order an additional TTTA for my 2nd tank to make a matched pair. I’ll be placing another order with you later on this April.

Thanks also for the advice on Venom front-grip fit, As you suggested, the vise and rubber mallet did the trick with a couple taps, no alterations needed. What a marked improvement the Venoms add, (both functionally and cosmetically)… Sweet!

Another satisfied loyal customer with intentions for further repeat business, what more can you ask for. ?

Thanks again Tony,

Paul Smith

George Obrien   

Hi Tony,
Just wanted to drop you and line and tell you how much I appreciate the mod’s to the Condor.

I fire lapped the barrel and while I was doing that, I took off the shroud. Wow! What a difference that
made. Definitely like it better shrouded. In fact, my wife came outside and asked “What was that?”
thinking I was shooting a .22 rimfire. LOL

Next, I sighted it in using the Nielsen Ammo Specialty 45 grain ‘Massive’ HP bullet. At 3400 psi and PW 5, the
first 5 shots averaged 997 fps for K.E. of 99.3 ft. lbs. at 2 meters from the muzzle! It is truly a beast.

Thanks again, Tony. The squirrels, raccoons and foxes don’t stand a chance.


Hey Tony;
I wanted to say thanks for the great (as usual) service!
My Talon-Dor loves those new JSB heavies and the power spring gave me just the little bit of “boost” I was looking for. I’m getting just over 144 ft/lbs with the Black Mamba’s and printing “cloverleaf” patterns at 75 yards. Couldn’t do it without YOUR parts. A little harder to adjust the power wheel with the new spring but that was to be expected.
I tried to post a review on the Talon Tunes site for the spring but was having trouble navigating the site. Also failed at sending you a PM. I’ll keep trying to post a review!
Thanks again for the great service!
Mike Cicio (Wildfire)

advocatusdiaboli 4/27/2015   


I got a TT-Marauder in .22 cal and I love it. To say that I can clover leaf at 37 yards is saying something really bad about how my day is going. When I have it sighted in, I can usually put a group of three through the same hole. Maybe a tad off.

Then there is the gun. Tell Tony you want all the extras, extended air tube, black stock, and when you are done you will have a very quiet plinker/varmint hunter that will take out a squirrel at 50+ yards (I just shot one off the tele-pole the other morning…) and is QUIET, the quietest air gun I have ever bought. And I can STILL make it quieter with a baffle extension and some more mods that I found online.

Here is the site:

The guy is named Tony and he USED to advertise the TT-Marauders, but I do not see them anymore so you might want to ask him. They start at $675 but I paid around $1100 for mine by the time it was finished. I am very happy with it. It shoots around 900FPS, but I can adjust that, and I get about 30 shots per fill but with the quick fill attachment adn the adapter that I got from Pyramid air ($29) It takes me about 30 seconds to refill. I shoot jumbo diablos domed around 18.xxgr.

Oh, it looks like the TT marauder is on the old site:


You should still ask him though.

John M.   

Hey, great to hear from you. You beat me to the punch communicating.

The gun is great and I am really impressed with your work. I have been working so much overtime I did not get to try the gun until this past Friday. After shooting it after work, I couldn’t go to sleep that evening because of looking at Talon Tunes blogs and Air Force YouTube videos. Didn’t go to sleep until 2:00 am and then woke up at 5:30, dreaming of the gun the whole time . . . reminiscent of a kid at Christmas! I was embarrassed at this since I am 56 years old. Just flat gave up on going to work Saturday because I knew my brain wouldn’t be there. Instead, I spent time zeroing in the gun and then spent a few hours with 2 of my friends showing them the gun and letting them shoot it. The tank adapter is money double well spent with both the lower tank axis and the pressure gauge combined. And I am sure you hear it a lot, the shroud is the most notable bonus of all.

Regardless, I am quite pleased with the gun and would have it done all over again if need be. Now that I have the gun sighted in, my goal is to see how many squirrels I can dispatch without a miss. Any squirrel, English sparrow or starling within my fence line is in serious danger.

Much thanks for all you have done!

Best wishes to you and all your endeavors,

John C. M****


What an outstanding and awesome AIRGUN! I purchased the AirForce CONDOR SS .22. I had Tony add all the bells and whistles to this tactical black weapon and it had not disappointed me in the least. There is not another airgun on the market that can match the power it possess. Extremely accurate and easy to shoot. Having a top of the line scope doesn’t hurt neither. If you decided to purchase one then get Tony to update and make it ten times better than what the manufacturer sells to the public. You will not be disappointed.




Hello Tony
Received my Vulcan today and everything arrived safely and it is a beauty. Appreciate your careful packing and service. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Joseph Boothe   

I thankTalon Tunes for producing quality products for a quality airgun. Anthony is knowledgeable of the ins and outs of these guns so when you buy from him or have a question it is a precise fit or answer. That is a level of comfort that is value in it’s own. FYI I did a full internal upgrade with trigger spring, CF bottle and 9″ TT moderator for my Talon ss. Vary happy no cheep parts, no making adjustments to fit. Like I said feel like a pro and buy with confidence at Talon Tunes.


Tony, much mahalos for your moderator! What a BIG DIFFERENCE a stock .25 TALON P noise is compared to your moderatir!! im still pushing the plastic water filled bottles out at 110 yards! It is still accurate, AND MUCH QUIETTER NOW! love it! YOU DA MAN!! Mahalos again, John

Author *DAN CLARKE   

Testimonial *I was one of the first people to receive a Silencer in 2016. I’ve shot this gun over a thousand times. and it is as good now as it was in the beginning. Although it may take some time to get yours, your Texan will thank you for it.
Dan Clarke

Richard P.   

Thank you for the quick service! I got the Cricket parts today. You know how to run a business!
Thanks again,
Rick P.


Hi Tony, Just wanted to write a testy on the Tactic in .25 cal. It is now April 12, 2019 and I have been putting this gun through it’s paces for almost 4 months … shot thousands of rounds through it now and got a pretty good grasp of what the gun will do. First off it is reliable, the only problem I have had with it was a barrel o-ring that I shot out and had a ton of trouble getting my fat little fingers in the breach to replace … in fact I had so much trouble that I had to pull the barrel out to replace it but a friend of mine assured me that the gun was simple to take down and I had no problem getting it back together again. The side lever cocking handle is beautiful, smooth and works first time every time. I ordered a Sumo for the gun and it is at least as quiet as my Wildcat with the Sumo on it … in other words VERY quiet! The finish on the gun stock is a little on the slick side but very nice indeed and it makes the grain of the wood stand out like a fine piece of furniture. I keep the gun in my “man cave” and usually it has the window open so whatever the humidity is outside or the temperature, that is what the gun is exposed to night and day. I keep a little Balistol on the metal parts and there is no sign of any rust or corrosion or anything else. The regulator is as good as a regulator can be with an extreme spread of only 8 fps. The cheekpiece is truly a pleasure to nuzzle my face against, especially on a cold morning. The trigger breaks clean and crisp at about 10 oz. It takes about 20 shots to season in a freshly cleaned barrel and you will get about 100 rounds before it needs cleaning again … that is if you are looking for pin point accuracy, but if 1 inch groups at 75 yards are fine with you … you can probably go 150 rounds before the fouling will take you outside that 1 inch group margin. Accuracy??? Well, I don’t think I would be stretching the truth too much in saying that this gun is the most accurate “air gun” I have ever shot … in fact it may very well be THE most accurate “gun” I have ever shot. At 75 yards with a clean barrel I have gotten a few 1/4″ groups but the norm is 1/2″ 10 shot groups. At 100 yards it will usually do just a tad over 1″. I truly love this thing. If a gun is not accurate, you might as well wire it up and make a lamp stand out of it. I hate people who take a gun out and shoot a couple of rounds out of it and declare it to be a laser so I have spent close to 4 months putting this gun through it’s paces and it outshoots my Impact, my Wildcat, my Matador R5M and my Marauders. Just want to thank you Tony for putting a smile on my face every day and I’m not ashamed to say that I have given this gun more than one kiss when she shoots one hole groups at 100 yards because that is as good as it gets with ANY air gun.

Author Picture

TalonTunes Tony is the Man!!!
postby Airbrained » 17 Jun 2016 02:16 pm

I can’t say enough good things about Tony from TalonTunes he was patient with me when I was trying to buy this new EdGun Matador short .25 and he had the gun at my doorstep in just 3 days, that’s crazy. Then he turns around and ships my pellets with a t-shirt and TalonTunes stickers so I can personalize some of my gear. This guy is easy to deal with and he has a loyal customer for life in me. Thanks again Tony I’ll keep you updated along with the rest of the guys here at the forum with shot strings,pictures and performance.

Chris Dedmon   

WOW! The leshiy is awesome! I ordered the gun, scope, and after installing a half inch riser on the picatiny, I have been dropping raccoons around my house. This thing is super accurate and quite. I love this gun!

Mike Maurer   

I just purchased and installed a 9″ shroud and quick change top hat from Tony for my .22 Condor SS.
Wow! Best money I ever spent! The shroud is professionally crafted and machined and boy does it quiet the Condor down – back yard shooting friendly in all neighborhoods. The quick change top hat adds amazing consistency to those shot strings and gives me the flexibility to shoot different weight pellets and conserve air.
The installations of these items is simple, as Tony will talk you through the process or send you a video.
Please be patient with Tony when making your orders as there is a short waiting period and I can see why – every Condor owner should have and want these items. All good things are worth waiting for!
Thanks Tony – this will not be my last purchase from Talon Tunes.


Just wanted to say thanks for the 2 great products I previously purchased.The edgun and the barrel are both Awesome.


I first of all want to “thank” you folks for singing the praises of the Cricket. I almost pulled the trigger on buying a Bobcat? It was your posts here that steered me to the Cricket. So “thank you all”!

Next I want to “thank” Tony here [Talontunes]. What a great guy! I purchased the above .25 Cricket Standard Tactical along with the Hawke Sidewinder 6.5 x 20 x 42 Tactical Scope from Tony. He graciously tuned it up for me, and had it in my hands within mere days. I had been waiting going on 12 weeks for the same outfit from another dealer. I heard every song and dance I could handle before I cancelled my order with him and contacted Tony.
I guess I was wearing the same grin every new Cricket owner puts on after firing their first group. A single ragged hole at 30 yards! I foresee a long and happy future with my new Cricket. Thanks again!


Scott Bolden   

I bought an extreme valve, regulator, new hammer, and spring from a company that I didn’t know was overseas. So far, the valve and regulator are working, but the spring and hammer have given me a fit from day one.
I thought I had installed them correctly as per their instructions. Well, as of last Friday, there was a complete fail. I have tried and tried to ask them for the correct install procedure, and they keep telling me the same thing. Their instructions are for changing barrels.
Today I finally called Talon Tunes and spoke with Tony. I felt bad about asking someone how to fix another companies problem, but he did.
I’m new to this hobby, and didn’t really see Talon Tunes until I was looking for answers. What a great company. I just purchased a new valve, regulator, and a WHOLE LOT MORE for less than these clowns sold me. No more P-P Tunes for meTalon Tunes will be my go to from now on.

Dave l.   

Rescued MrodMay 19 2015 at 8:15 AM Dave L (Login Buzzurd5)
Tony at Talontunes rescued my Mrod. Thank you Tony,my gun is now what I thought it could be! I’m the guy who posted March 30 about the Mrod that had cocking issues that were never resolved. Tony tuned my talon p for me and turned it into a smooth cocking gun with a great trigger, it’s way powerful and incredibly accurate. So I knew where to send my ailing Mrod. I explained the story to him and asked him to do his full tune,and tell me what the other guy did or didn’t do. The other guys tune cost $500 and Tonys cost $300. Tony told me that the job the other guy did was terrible. Tonys tune covered everything. The other guys tune didn’t. Outcome is great,other than spending more money. I’m on the waiting list for a AAA .25 condor,and I don’t care how long it takes because I know what I’ll get! There will be a dealer boi on that page in the next day or two. Thanks again Tony!

Duane Schafer   

Have Tony do the magic. Own a condor ss in .22. Shooting 3/4 to1 inch groups at 75 yds free hand and it will get better. His tophat and shroud are top notch . Like all say its quiet accurate and deadly on small game. wow. will order again in the future. Tony knows these rifles . thanks tony from a happy man.

Randy Harding   

I just wanted to let Tony know what a hell of a gun he built for me. Tony built me a .25 condor with most of the services he offers this gun is a beast by far the most powerful and most accurate airgun i have ever shot .I really want to tell Tony how sorry i am for bugging the hell out of him wondering when can i get my gun i now know for for a fact you cant rush a good thing .Tonys work is amazing THANKS.

Gene Palmer   

Just finished reading over the testimonials page and realize that there isn’t really anything I could say that hasn’t already been nailed down: service, parts and a customized gun that is second to none! I’m fortunate enough to have been a three time customer to Tonys magic touch and now have one gun that is perfectly suited to take everything from frogs to hogs. With the stock spring and his adjustable top hat with the larger restrictor this .25 cal. gun is a subsonic tack driver. My longest shot to date with this setup is a 231 yard kill on a chunky woodchuck. Longest squirrel is a 113 yard head shot. After a five minute change to a heavier spring and a second tank with a valve for all out power with slugs this combo has been proven to consistently and cleanly dispatch larger game. My largest kill came this last fall; a 485 pound beast felled instantly by a 23 yard shot to the ear from my stand. I believe this is most likely the largest critter EVER harvested by a .25 cal. pneumatic in New York State! A picture can be worth a thousand words. The results: 175 lb. black pig, 92 lb.beautiful silver pig, and the big dog, 55 lb. from 40 yards. Photos submitted to the customer gallery. If your looking for a piece of equipment that’s capable of challenging anyone’s skill, then don’t even consider any place but TALON TUNES!

y Y

John L.   

Received my Uragan .25 rifle recently. Anthony did a fantastic job on tuning the rifle to my request. It is a tackdriver. From a rest, I can hit paintballs at 65yds pretty easily. Love the rifle and am a Talon Tunes forever customer.. Thank you Anthony.


Message: wow! thanks for the SUPER service. best regards, wally

Kevin C. 11/19/14   

Tony, the gun arrived last night. Its everything I was hoping for. I wasn’t sure about the mods at first but the hammer is so much quieter then my other talonP and the insert you drilled out for me got the velocity absolutely perfect for the jsb’s I like to shoot. And the power I can get with surefire slugs or soft cast 25acp bullets is just incredible for a 12in barrel.
I use these bullets custom sized to .253 and lubed with moly as my raccoon load in my other talonP. (halfway down page)
The shroud is by far the best part. I was expecting it to get close to my 25 marauder with a longer fully shrouded barrel but your 9in shroud is noticeably quieter than my marauder shooting the same velocity. In fact a friend brought his 25 talonSS over and my talonP with your shroud was definitely quieter. This was my first Airforce Airgun with any aftermarket stuff and I can already say this is going to quickly become my favorite hunter. I will be buying anything airforce I need from you from now on.

Quinton A.   

I just received my .25 cal Vulcan 2 Tactic Synthetic stock from Tony. Let me just say I have never gotten such excellent professional and personal customer service from any other dealer period. Tony was a pleasure to deal with and very knowledgeable. He answered all my questions before I purchased the rifle and he even called me 15 minutes prior to shipping my gun to make sure I had everything I needed. Sure enough 15 minutes later my tracking number was emailed. The gun arrived safely and quickly. Tony had tested the rifle over a chrony and included a 5 shot group at 30 yds. This rifle is accurate! I can’t wait to take it hunting. I was pleasantly surprised of the weight of this rifle, it looks heavier than it is. Build quality is exceptional. I can not say enough good things about this purchase and the customer service Tony provides! Talon Tunes and Tony gets an A+ from me and my future business. Thanks Tony!

Jack L   

I sent my Condor SS to Tony and he transformed it from a good air rifle to a great air rifle with his tune and his quick change top hat.
This Condor is also fitted with Tony’s shroud and is now very quiet.
I could not believe how smooth the trigger, safety and breech work now. The stiffness from the factory is gone and the difference is like night and day.
Using JSB Exact King 25 cal pellets, I am slaughtering starlings with ease out to 60 yards in even gusty winds high in the tree tops.
This gun can now shoot and kill woodchucks in our hayfields up to 80 yards away and they never hear it coming.
Great communications and ease of transfer by Tony.
He is a master at what he does with these air rifles.

Rick Hardway   

The thing is a work of art. It fits the Texan rifle perfectly. Adds very little length or weight to the front of the rifle and does a very good job of taming the muzzle blast of the 45 cal. I looked and looked for moderator that complimented the set up without looking like a glob of metal on the end of the barrel and worked to suppress the sound as well, this is it. It’s not going to turn the gun into something you’ll use in a backyard in the city but it is Works period.
Thank you Tony!

Author *Johnnyboy from EWA BEACH, HAWAII   

Testimonial *I haven’t been on here since the day after I got Tony”s 6″ moderator or if you may, suppressor. I was impressed at how much quieter it became.. Therefore, I wanted to push the envelope more and decided to modify my Talon P a little more. I installed Tony’s, lighter hammer, tophat valve….to get that more..uuummpphhh.. God is my witness, I put a 10 ounce coffee cup…. 186 yards away, using my range finder. FIRST SHOT, using JSB DIABLO .25 CAL. @ 25.39 grains…I HIT THAT CUP!!!!!! FIRST SHOT!!!!!! Now, I believe all fo you guys WHO says, the TALON P loves this pellet…and IS VERY ACCURATE!!! The Talon P ONLY HAS a 12 inch LW Barrel…….How’s that for accuracy!! Next step, I wanted to see HOW STRONG this Talon P is. I put a Honda Car hood 30 yards away….The JSB punctured the first skin, but did not go completely thru. I was impressed… but was anxious to use the Skenco pellets with metal tip. Loaded one in chamber and just picked a spot to shoot. Lo and behold, at 30 yards away…….NOT ONLY DID IT GO COMPLETELY THRU THE FIRST SKIN,BUT……IT WENT THRU THE FIRST SKIN……AND……THE REINFORCING RIB AS A CROSS BRACE FOR THE HOOD!!! Went completely thru as if it was paper!! I was so impressed with this 12 inch pcp pistol, I took it out for pig hunting. I used the EUNJIN 41 grain pellets to do head shot…and….not only is it much quieter then my friends 7mm magnum savage that scares the whole bunch on one shot. I was able to shoot the other two good sized pigs that were just eating. The pigs did not hear my pcp at 67 yards away!!!! To summarize, IF YOU WANT A QUIETER, MORE POWER, AND ACCUTE ACCURACY, GO MY ROUTE USING TONY’S PRODUCTS. My next game will mountain goats….using custom made 44 grain bullets(not pellets) form john the camper. If youre in Hawaii, all you PCP guys should get with me , as im starting a eradication safari soon…..AGAIN, MUCH MAHALOS MR. TONY FOR YOUR “NO KA OI” (NUMBER 1) PRODUCTS!!! Johnnyboy from EWA BEACH

Author *Marc   

Testimonial * 01/21/18. Super happy with this purchase, like tickled flippen pink. Thing works great. Thank you!


Hi Tony,

Sorry I’ve been MIA. Want to thank you for customizing the TalonP. Finally got to fire off some rounds using the rat sniper the week before Christmas. Crazy awesome gun!

Saw the post on your Tag. You can tell everyone it’s the real deal! Scary powerful!

With the rat snipers, the gun is very quiet…………I took it to the island of Hawaii for some play time. Believe it or not, I took down a boar around 50 lbs. Very impressive for what originated as a pistol.



I just received my 9″ moderator forTalontunes today delivery was quick I put it on and was amazed to say the least this thing is worth every penny I can’t say enough about it. Can’t way to be off work and really send some lead down range!!!! Awesome, thanks Talon Tunes.

Kevin C.   
Author Picture

I wanted to thank you again for my custom TalonP. The 9in shroud is amazing! Even after all the power mods it measures only 46db at the muzzle with a LC1 decibel meter. I was looking for a special purpose fox and coon gun that was as compact as possible and you delivered EXACTLY what I asked for. With the restriction removed from the quick change top hat it throws heavy JSB’s at 990fps from that little 12in barrel, and with enough precision and consistency to shoot half inch groups at 50 yards all day long.
I’m attaching a pic of my furthest airgun kill to date, taken at 91 yards with my TalonTunes TalonP. It took a full 5mil hold which maxed out my Hawke reticle at 10x. No other airgun so light and compact could give me the power and precision for such a long head shot.

P.S. You mentioned a TalTune Tshirt on the phone yesterday, I wear size XL, black if avail

Anthony . S   

I was in the market for my first high end PCP rifle. I did not want to take a chance on spending a lot of saved up play funds and be disappointed with my purchase. So i surf the net left and right comparing several ratings and comments on a many different PCP rifles . After all the comments and comparing i was still at a lost . Then I came across TALON TUNES . COM .. I spoke with Mr. Tony and i mentioned to him that i was looking for a high end, low weight , back yard friendly Bullpup PCP rifle. He introduced to the Vulcan 2 Raven equipped with a sumo moderator, magazine holder , extra magazines, Fill probe, user manual, storage case and the Triple T Magic touch AKA”Tony Touch Tuning” . I just received My Vulcan 2 yesterday and i am so very satisfied and happy with my first high end PCP rifle Tony it is exactly how you said it would be . TALON TUNES i am all in with your products and services. Mr. Tony Thank You for making my first high end purchase a very confident and satisfying experience. Mr. Tony can you please send me a hat with your company logo i would gladly sport it and represent..


I just took the plunge into the PCP world and bought a Cricket .25, air tank and Shoebox compressor. I’ve been talking to different companies over the past year trying to decide what all to get and Tony was by far the most helpful and patient guy of any I’ve talked with. We’ve had many conversations and Tony either always took the time to talk or would always return my call. Can’t say enough about the guy. I also asked him to put a picatinny rail on the bottom of the stock and he did a fantastic job!

Thanks Tony!

Paul Herridge

Ed Holloway   

I recently bought a Taipan Veteran, Standard 22. Tony delivered it promptly, with trigger adjustment and tuning as requested. Great work!

Dave L.   

Dave Larson – October 26, 2014:

I had a talon P and loved it ,except for a very hard trigger. After I learned that the trigger was not adjustable,I asked Tony what he could do for it.After talking about the options (selling the gun,or have Tony tune it and polish the trigger),I decided to have him do his magic! And he was always very clear about my trigger,he said that he could make it break cleaner. When I got the gun back I could not have been more impressed! Not only did the tune totally change the gun,(I also got the large tank,and his own top hat )with this said,I also must say that I was noticing little improvements like the cocking action was totally smooth now. And the trigger is totally fine,it breaks cleanly and is very acceptable. This is now pretty much my favorite gun in every way! I am so impressed that I am going to post a video with me shooting the Talon P at 60 yards , getting incredibly tight groups. Also hitting a four inch steel disk repeatedly at 100 yards! With a pistol!! There is no way I could do this before Tonys tune, and I tried! In the video I will show how many usable shots I get, it is so many I will not say here,because it sounds like BS. There will be a link to the video as soon as I get it done. Thanks Tony!!! This gun is so fun!


I guess all I’ve read about you is true. I found signs of clipping on one of the baffles in the shroud as well as on the end cap. I honed out all the baffles and end cap a little and the results are amazing.Even ammo that I had tossed aside as junk is now grouping reasonably well. I had pretty much resigned myself to the idea that I was going to send you my rifle and pay you to tune it up. You not only took the time to take a personal call, but you also saved me a lot of down time and expense. I can’t thank you enough Tony. You can be assured that I will bring you business in the future.


I bought the shroud for my condor with the 24″ barrel now I can shoot in my back yard makes a night and day diiference but now I need to do the hammer slap mod cus that is all u hear is the hammer and pellet impact

Joel Jimmerson   

Dealing with these guys is easy and their turnaround time is extremely fast. I’ve purchased several items for the Airforce Condor and every one has generally exceeded my expectations in terms of design and quality. I’ve got another item in the shopping cart as we speak and I will continue to be a dedicated customer.


Testimonial *


Dave Larson   

9/24/2015I just have to tell you about this rifle that Tony at Talontunes built for me. I have it mounted in a Maddog bench rest stock that’s a great platform for long range shooting. The rifle has Tony’s newest shroud he just completed,let me tell you it is so quiet that when I first shot it I was sure it malfunctioned. It’s a .25 at full power,shooting in the high 900s. When you shoot it,it sounds like you dropped your keys on the floor from knee high!! Then you hear the sound of the pellet smack the steel target and it is way louder than the report of the rifle! So far I haven’t been able to get it to a bench yet,but shooting off a dresser out my backdoor at 85yds I am able to get 5 shot groups around 3/4 of an inch! I can imagine how good it will be on the bench with my rest and bag! Oh and also,if you’re not too fond of Airforce triggers (they seem too hard for me),have no fear because Tony can fix that problem. My condor trigger breaks cleanly at 17 oz. So I bet you can tell I’m pretty happy! Thanks Tony, I love the gun!! No kidding,a .25 AAA condor that is backyard friendly!! Better make sure of the backstop though

jean lotito   

Hi Tony, what a coincidence today I wrote you for the shipment and guess the bottles arrived. Sorry for the inconvenience on the other hand great product and thank you very much…


Just bought Cricket from Tony @ Talon Tunes – AAAAAAA++++December 23 2014 at 6:48 AM

I just took the plunge into the PCP world and bought a Cricket .25, air tank and Shoebox compressor. I’ve been talking to different companies over the past year trying to decide what all to get and Tony was by far the most helpful and patient guy of any I’ve talked with. We’ve had many conversations and Tony either always took the time to talk or would always return my call. Can’t say enough about the guy. I also asked him to put a picatinny rail on the bottom of the stock and he did a fantastic job!

Thanks Tony!

Paul Herridge


Hi Tony,

Got my Cricket about 12:15 PM. All I can say is it is Awesome! I mounted the scope and like you said it was only off a few clicks. I filled it up to 210 Bar (it was at 200 Bar when I got it), adjusted the scope, and fired a 5 shot group at 20 yards. I was shooting off a bag set on the deck rail, from a standing position. All five shots went into the same hole! Freaken amazing! The rifle is suprisingly quiet. But it sure hits the target with authority. I have it sighted about a mil dot high at 20 yards. I took a dead on shot at a rock out in the field at roughly 60 yards. Nailed it the very first shot. Did I tell you I really love this rifle. LOL!
Thank you for all you’ve done. I’ll do a write up in the days to come. Once again, “Thank you”. I only wish I would have originated my order with you from the start. Take care.

Best regards,

Dave Paul

Richard J.   

I have to say the Taipan Mutant Veteran , thus far has exceeded my expectations and more. Tony set me up with a Aztec Emerald 5.5-25×50 scope, and a Donnyfl moderater. Shoots lights out, excellent accuracy, with the JSB 18.1 gr pellets. Very quiet! My backyard is only 25 yards deep, but when my desert cools down, will head out there and reach out further. The trigger on this gun is amazing, right out of the box, and its perfect for me. It is very adjustable if you want to tweak it to your satisfaction.
Many props to Tony and thank you for the great service.





Took the .25 Condor out to a friends farm on a depredation hunt. The gun with Tony’s upgrades works perfectly on hogs up to 100 lbs at 50 yards…



Riley Hog Hunt

Steve S.
Hi Tony,

I want to thank you for the gun, it’s Awesome!

I was a little worried at first that it wouldn’t have enough power. My thoughts were stuck on the higher the FPS the more accurate and further shooting the gun would be.

Boy was I wrong…. FPE is just as, or even more important than FPS. Besides, after buying a meter and testing all my guns, I found out that even my “1200 fps” gun was shooting in the 900’s … most of my guns claim to shoot at least 1000 fps when in fact they’re all in the 800’s…. I see now that when tested it’s with the lightest pellet on the market..

I think my gun has a perfect balance of FPS & FPE I’m glad you set me straight… Thanks.

Furthermore after I used up all the pellets you sent me I ordered 9 cans of differnt types of pellets so I could see which ones were the best…two months later and although I still have 9 , 3/4 full, cans of pellets I ordered 4 cans (1,400 pellets) of .25 cal Exact Kings, the very same ones you originally sent me with the gun….. lol

Thanks Again……

Steve S.

Houston Tx

Hi My Friend Tony!

This is my testimonial and feedback from Norway. I hope you can write this in your homepage TalonTunes.

Luis from Norway

Final construction of the condor is finished. It was an exciting time to wait for Tony to put the Condor together. When it finally arrived in Norway this summer when I went for vacation, then I picked up the delivery from the post office, I saw the good craftsmanship Tony had put into the Condor. It was a full power tuned Condor .25

The first test I did near our cottage in the mountain, about 1000m about sea level. The response was incredibly precise, just as the shooter. I managed to shoot the target in the same place numerous times. The weapon was excellent. There was a lot of power and noise coming from the Condor, so I had to get a silencer. The Condor was put together with the silencer and a night vision in order to shoot at night time… I have tested from 40-80 meters and the weapon is

Thanks to Tony for great work. If any of you are looking for an excellent airgun, Tony is the man to put it together for you.

Best regards from Norway

I send you some pictures

Tony i see you have a new tank style cover, I will buy one, and maybe you have a new custom trigger with metal finish?


Condor25-2 Condor25-4 Condor25-1 Condor25-8Condor25-3 Condor25-5



From Mike S. 8/1/2014

I have had 5 great years with her and it is a testimony to Tony that she is shooting as good today as she was when I took her out of the box. I must say that we have been through some shit: rain, snow, sub-zero cold to 100 plus heat and she has never failed to deliver. I have tried different things over the years but besides a couple of Adam’s add-ons she ALL Talon Tunes on the inside. I was looking over some pictures from days gone by and I think I would be able to fill the back end of my old f-150 with fur and feathers. She has a way about her- straight forward and to the point. If she could talk and you asked her “what’s your mission? why are you here?” her answer would most likely be “I kill shit. I am a dealer of death. Big, small; it makes no difference to me. Hunting, pest control, call it what you will…

My name is Lizzy B. KILLING IS MY BUSINESS AND BUSINESS IS good.” What can I say; it was love at first sight. BIG THANKS TO TONY, ADAM, AND ALL YOU GUYS FOR ALL THE GOOD TIMES. Here’s a little vid we made the other day 172 yards shooting jsb 25.4 fps really fast. NOT THE BEST camera work, but next time I will remember to get a shot of LIZZY in it.

Jussi From Finland 4/25/12


Now the final setup is done and the scope is zeroed. My scope (Bsa STS 6-24×44) works great with the rifle. After two days of shooting and testing, i’m really satisfied to the results: Today i could shoot from fifty yards to a 9 mm cartridge’s bottom.

The Rifle feels great to shoot. I was wondering, did you have a copy of my right hand, because the pistol grip is perfect to my hand. Friend of mine said today that is mean looking machine. So i told him, mean machine has to look like a mean machine.

Waiting was long but worth of it.

Hail to the King of Airforce Guns, Tony


Andrew G. 4/24/2014


I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I wanted to thank you for the great jog on my AAA build. I didn’t get to shoot it till last weekend since my scuba tanks were out getting checked. What a shooter it is. I haven’t gotten to see a paper target yet, but the tree in my yard at 40 yds has one nice group of lead in it. I really didn’t think it would be that quiet either. When I get it up to camp I want to take off the modulator to see the difference. That .25 cal is something else.

I put my $300 Surefire tactical light, my $200 Tango Down Bi-Pod with Quick Release, and also a new trigger shoe, WokButt, Wokguard 15 AR grip attachment from Adam. Your Angle Adapter with quick fill gets your head just in the right place for the scope. It’s a beast!

I am sure I will get back to you in the near future for another build on a Marauder or some other nice PCP.

Again, thanx for the great job. Your name is synonymous with quality, precision and great service.


John L. 4/12/2012

Hi Tony.

As promised, I want to provide the feedback I received on the Talon Tunes Condor you assembled for me. I was competing in the sub-gun and long range sniper matches. While doing so, I placed the Condor on my table next to my .50 BMG and Mac-10. I was amazed by the attention the Condor received. The competitor next to me had to shoot it!!! He couldn’t believe the performance. Very few would believe it was an air rifle until I showed them the Condor in action. Punching 1/2 MOA’s @ 100yds. was a breeze. Folks were more impressed with that than my shooting the .50 cal. BMG @ 2,000 yds. haha. As a result, many expressed an interest in purchasing a Talon Tunes Condor, similarly equipped rifle. I had a ball showing off my Condor. Hopefully, you get some contacts and business from my shooting buddies. We had competitors from Florida to Alaska so you received nationwide exposure.

Best wishes,
John L

From Jamie M. 2/14/12

Well, after shooting our new rifle many times & sharing the experience with many friends the overwhelming response is “where in the hell did you get it ?”. Hopefully we can help your sales by continuing to share with our friends. Tony, what can I say that you haven’t heard before, this thing is incredible!!! Emma, age 9, is hitting the bulls eye @ 100 feet after just 2 shots, mission accomplished! Shared it last weekend with an air Marshall friend who was very impressed. Ian, my 13 year old hit an empty 25-6 cartridge off the fence @ 100 feet on his first try. I’m very happy with my decision to allow you the latitude to guide me through the decision making process as we built this incredible machine. GREAT JOB!!!!!

Many, many thanks,

From John L. 2/10/12

Hi Tony.

Just wanted to let you know my rifle arrived in excellent condition and has been performing flawlessly. The Talon Tunes .25 cal. Condor you put together for me is a work of art. My local associates can’t believe it’s an air rifle. I’ve been shooting an average of 70 – 100 yds. with pin point accuracy. I put an automotive vacuum cap on the drop adapter fill connector to protect it and keep debris out. Seems to work fine. I’m so glad we included that and the top hat in this purchase. The scope is better than I anticipated.

Your craftsmanship and attention to detail created an awesome addition to my collection of rifles. I shoot everything from a full auto .45 ACP Mac-10 to .50 BMG weapons with everything in between.

This new air rifle has added an whole new dynamics to my shooting experience. The beauty of which is that I can shoot from my back deck. Not something I can do with my other weapons. Thanks again for providing me with such a quality rifle. It’s one I proudly display and shoot. I am taking it to Arizona with me at the end of this coming March for a Class-3 and Sniper shooting competition to show my business associates and friends.

It will be interesting to see their reaction to “just an air rifle”. It’s anything but “just an air rifle”. It’s a fantastic piece of shooting equipment with assignment possibilities in my business.
I’ll let you know their reaction.

Thanks again for all of your efforts.

From Steve In Ct
Yellow Forum Owner 1/10/12

When it comes to tuning the Talons there is only one name TalonTunes…

I bought my TalonP a few months back and I like it a lot. Out of the box it is a great shooter and I posted about it here. Any Pistol with 50 FPE potential in .25 and accuracy would interest me. But as such this little beast has a report like a .30-06 LOL.

Anthony Annuzzi of TalonTunes has helped numerous Talon owners over the years with his smart enhancements and knowing these rifles inside out.

For starters Tony put that beautiful Shroud on that cuts the report by 75%, good enough so you dont alarm the squirrels in the woods.

Then Tony performed a full Tune that really brings out the shine on this wonderful pistol.
Added trigger set screws, did a trigger tune that made for a light crisp release, I love it. He polished, hand lapped and profiled the barrel. This shows on the tightening of the groups. Look at the 40 yard target below. Replaced the breech and valve seals.

The one thing he did I really love is the top hat replacement with his one piece custom top hat/valve stem. This is a must and assures consistency on the long run.

I usually shoot 5 shots at 50 yards, the adjust one mildot and get another 5 at full power. It’s like having a DAQ in your back pocket LOL.

Thank you Tony and TalonTunes for making a great Pistol even better. It loves those JSBs.

Talonp1 Talonp2


From Mark T. 01/11/12


Guess what I just picked up? WOW! was this worth the wait! What an amazing rifle. Here is a picture of it with the Laser Designator by Laser Genetics. This thing lights up a target at 250 yards. I have used it on another pellet rife and its amazing. The rabbit does not even know its being lit up. Now with this crazy gun I should be able to do some great pest elimination. This thing is so quiet!