Toilet Busting!!!

By Pat J.

Everything you need to convert your Talon or Condor into a .25 at 90fpe .24″ LW .25 barrel with vented bushings, ready to drop into your rifle. No other mods needed….


Toilet Bashing Condor style

After shooting my .25 AAA Condor from Tony A I got in Dec. 2007 with great successes I changed out my toilets in my home and tried to dump them at my local dump and they wanted $15. So I was thinking I can break them up and put them in my trash and save $15. Well that’s when the light bulb came on in my head and I was thinking lets try the Condor out to see what it will do. I was thinking this was going to be easy, no way man, freaking toilets are tough and I shot this one from 20 yards just to help keep from using up to much air and pellets. After inspecting the victim I could see the best places to hit it was on the flat spots so no ricochets would happen and attacking the tank and base looked to be the best places to start. After 25+ shots with EunJin 42.8gr pellets at 85fpe and sucking my fill tank down to 2800psi the Toilet goes down for the count and some spots on this toilet was 1/2″ thick in most places.



I informed my neighbor what I was going to do and it was going to be loud due to the smacking sound from the toilet and he was cool about it. After 10 shots he said he could hear the toilet but not the gun. I can tell you this. The Talontunes airguns and the.25 Condor’’ are the “Real Deal” and Tony A. is one of the best around to work with in getting one setup right.
Toilet bashing is fun




I’m getting the bird ready for it’s first hunt next week if all goes well. We are going for jack rabbit’s and I also hear that some coyote’s are also in the area. I’m shooting with the high flow tank and the Kodiak’s at 2800psi and the 42.8gr Eunjin’s at 2900psi and I have the same zero for both pellets at 40 to 45 yards. All shots I did at a friends house and the wind was maybe 2-5mph and at 45 yards 5 shots on each target.



Thanks Pat! Glad your happy with the rig.
– Tony
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