Condor/TalonP Hammer with Slap Modification

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$99.00 $65.00


Condor/TalonP Hammer with Slap Modification

  • custom machined brass hammers
  • low friction guides
  • 95 gram weights

These are custom machined brass hammers with low friction guides in 95 gram weights for Condors with slap modification that reduces most of the noise from the hammer impact.. This will also work with the TalonP.


Additional information

Weight .50 lbs
Dimensions .125 × .125 × .25 in

12 reviews for Condor/TalonP Hammer with Slap Modification

  1. Frank R. (verified owner)

    Really works by dulling the snap of the hammer.

  2. Evazejip (verified owner)

    Great piece and for such a small price! – makes my condor more quiet!

  3. ShadyGunner (verified owner)

    It is very easy to install and defiantly takes most of the ping out. Its still not silent but is quieter.

  4. John (verified owner)

    I can’t comment on quietness since this hammer is all my Condor ever had. But with this rig, noise isn’t an issue.

    With some tinkering, this hammer and the TT one piece tophat lets me push a 43grn Eun Jin to 965fps+ and 90fpe. Accurately. I think there’s magic involved somehow.

  5. Chip (verified owner)

    This heavy hammer with the slap ring is a great addition to my Condor. I strongly suggest to any one, to consider the one piece top hat as well; to take full advantage of the ability to control velocity. I installed my hammer in a Condor SS, the barrel is recessed in the shroud about 6″-7″, if you watch the video; this issue is not addressed, you will have to push the barrel in with something during the install, it should be something soft like a piece of wood dowel, so as to avoid damaging the barrel crown.

  6. Pandemic (verified owner)

    This made the sound of the action much quieter, its a must have for them sniper kills when your neighbor is outside.

  7. Mike – April 7, 2014 (verified owner)

    Tony’s hammer slap mod made a huge difference in my .22 Condor SS. It’s a necessary component in making the gun quiet and consistent. If you have a Condor there are 3 items you must order from Tony: quick change top hat, hammer slap mod, and a moderator. This is money well spent and will completely change how much more accurate, consistent, and quiet your gun will become.
    As someone else noted in a previous review, replacing the hammer in a Condor SS takes a few more steps because of the existing shroud and baffles.

  8. Oakey

    I have been using three of Tony’s Mods on my 2013 Condor for over a year now. They are all great quality and functionally they do exactly what he told me they would do actually they work better then he claimed. The Slap Hammer Mod has dulled the hammer strike enough to make me grin ear to ear when I am sending heavy lead down range at insane speeds. The noise that is heard is the pellet hitting my trap that is filled with Duct Seal.

    Thanks Again Tony making my Angry Condor into a back yard friendly animal.

  9. Charlie (verified owner)

    I cannot speak yet as to the shooting speeds/accuracy effects this hammer with slap mod will make for my .22 Condor SS, but I can speak to it’s quality of manufacture and the quietness… as Tony the Tiger would say, “They’re GREAT! I can’t wait to get out this weekend and really do some fine tuning with this gun now that I’ve got Tony’s mods all in place. The Tank adapter also has made it possible to put my camera mount on my scope. I’m looking forward to doing some videos of this thing in action.

    Thanks again Tony for great products and great service!

  10. ruben qiu (verified owner)

    excellent product

  11. Steve Tunder (verified owner)

    This hammer really makes the gun quieter. It also makes the gun sound better. No ping with this thing!
    It also makes the gun (at least to me) more accurate as it prevents the top hat from pushing more air than it needs to get the velocity required for more accurate shots. My shot count went up. My accuracy improved.
    This hammer is one of those must haves.

  12. Ben Mcardle (verified owner)

    Very nice I’m using this and the fluted breach slide and a wokguard mk2. I’m running a new condor from 2020 in .22 and
    .25 with great results. The power is amazing allowing me to shoot any wheight slugs I want in both calibers. I’m easily getting 130 fpe in 25 caliber and well over 80 fpe in .22. This rifle with these mods is a dream to shoot. Sub moa with little effort Thanks Tony for your great mods your the man!

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