Shroud/Sound Moderator 9″

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Sound Moderator 9″

The best just got better…

  • Our sixth generation of TalonTunes sound moderator SOS.
  • All anodized finish. No scratching or chipping.
  • 360 degrees of venting.
  • Custom made high efficiency internals.
  • Double o rings on connector.
  • Designed to replace your factory end cap and secures factory set screw.
  • Will work with or without sound lock system.
  • Will reduce sound signature by 60-70%.
  • Will work with .177, .20, .22, and .25 caliber.
  • Shroud weight is 6.8 Ounces…

Installs in seconds on:

  • Talon SS with 12″ or 18″ barrels
  • Condor SS
  • Escape SS

These are the best available, nothing else comes close…

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 in

5 reviews for Shroud/Sound Moderator 9″

  1. Dj

    After running 2 other shrouds on my gun it was time to step up to the talon tunes shrouds and see what all the talk is about. When i got my hands on it i was impressed with the built quality. I inspected it from one end to the other and evry bit of it is impressive. The instalation is as easy as it can be take off the barrel band and slide this shroud on then secure with the included grub screw. Thats it. The performance is the most impressive part. I ran it up again my other 2 shrouds and it is hands down the quietest! It does not matter weather i am running 40 fpe or 90 this thing works. At 40 fpe the impact is almost 30 db louder than the gun going off. At 90 fpe its still quieter than the impact but only by about 10 db. The construction is solid also. It handles the 3400 psi i push through it with no issues. I have blown other shrouds apart and ripped one off the gun with the high pressures but this one is a beast.

    Excellent work Tony! Keep it up.


  2. Ira

    Installed this on my 2nd Gen Condor SS .22 w/24″ barrel. I am still blown away! This isn’t just a hollow tube! The quality and finish is superb and really makes the condor look like a serious long range sniper… and its quiet! I am too happy with this purchase! Thanks Tony!!

  3. Anthony

    Hi Tony this is Brian got my 9 inch shroud in today like you said very impressive and very good looking I’ll be in touch Hammer slap mod next

  4. Robert (verified owner)

    I have a Condor SS 25cal with the stock 18 inch barrel. I also have a heavy barrel in 22cal 24 inch that I install in the condor SS frame. I bought the talon tunes 9 inch shroud and it kills the infamous condor blast down lower to whats even lower than my Benjamin Nitro XL in 25cal. That is awesome!!! Pellet impacts are louder than the hammer strikes. If your on the fence just go for it you wont be disappointed. FYI in the stock condor SS setup with 18 inch barrel you have to leave out one of the three baffles as well as the bent pressure ring that is part of the sound loc system. I am currently saving up for another one for my talon SS thats how much I am impressed with the quality of this shroud.Thanks again Tony!!!

  5. joe

    I have a “Talon Tuned” out .25cal TalonSS with a custom Talon Tunes 21 inch barrel, Quick Change Top hat and factory Condor valve, Tonys Carbon Fiber Tank etc. Tony had to modify the innards a bit on this Shroud for my application (21″ barrel) The quality is amazing!
    The sound reduction is even better.

    At 50fp I went from a “pneumatic nail gun” sound to a little “pffft” kind of like a Daisy Red Rider.
    At 90fp I went from a “Balloon popping” type sound to something like a Benjamin .22cal Pumper.

    Like Jim Carey says in “Dumb & Dumber”…. I like it ALOT!

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