FX Removeable Harmonic Tuner


The FX Removable Harmonic Barrel Tuner is an airgun tuner with a rotating weight that afixes to the 1/2″ UNF threads at the end of a barrel to allow for precise adjustments to POI based on the harmonics of an particular air rifle. It uses a special metallic alloy and comes with three threaded ends for different calibers: .177/.22, .25, and .30, that act as air strippers for greater accuracy and allow for the addition of a moderator.

The rotating weight has notches that can be used as a guide when tuning, and small adjustments can yield a noticeable difference in the accuracy and performance of the air rifle. It has been engineered to be adjusted without tools, and it also maintains its adjustment without tools or screws.

To get more accuracy from any air rifle with 1/2″ UNF threads on the end of the barrel, buy an FX Removable Harmonic Barrel Tuner from High Pressure Pneumatics.

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