I started to do some testing at 30 yards to see what pellets it might like as it stands. I don’t think I’m going to get too in depth with testing and tweaking until replenishing pellet stocks gets easier.  I just want to see what direction things are leaning for now.  I haven’t been able to get any 25.39 Monster Redesigned yet to test and I have some .217 Knock Outs still to be tested. I tried the .216’s before the .217’s because I had heard they do a little better with the CZ chokes.

My first thought is that I’m impressed with how fast everything is shooting. Again, thanks go to Tony for doing the work to get me exactly in the neighborhood I was hoping to start in.  Considering how fast the 18.13 Heavy’s are traveling, I’m surprised that they held as tight of a group as they did. The biggest surprise for me was how well the Knock Outs did and how poorly the Baracudas performed. At 30 yards it may not mean much for the Knock Outs at farther distances but the Baracudas either don’t like the barrel or the speed they’re leaving it.  There may be some potential for more slug trials down the road for sure especially when the new “redesigned” versions of the Knock Outs start making it to more retailers.  I am also looking forward to seeing how the Beasts do as break in continues and trying them at longer distances.  The Beasts are a little too long to rotate in and fill the magazine so I use the magazine to hold a single pellet (load one, shoot one, pull the magazine and repeat).  I’m going to start another thread to see if anyone has found any other ways to get the Beasts to play nice.

More play time to come, I’m just going to have to ration it out as I keep an eye on pellet stock.