Taipan Veteran Huma Regulator



Huma tuning pressure regulator for all caliber Taipan Veterans.

For the Taipan Veteran airrifle we have a special Huma replacement tuning regulator available.

This regulator can replace the original Taipan Veteran regulator without any modifications.
The regulator is stepless adjustable according the clear pressure scale form 110-170 bar.

It is vented to the atmosphere, so no creeping up in power during time

The regulator comes preset on the pressure you prefer. But it is equipped with a scale marking so you can very easy re-adjust or fine tune the pressure setting suitable to your wishes.

We will put in a breech sticker “Huma regulated” what you can put on your rifle.


The regulator is CNC produced out of high grade aircraft Aluminum and bronze.
To guarantee a perfect product, every regulator is manually assembled, tested and adjusted to the requested pressure. 
We only use belleville springs designed for critical applications to achieve the highest repeat accuracy. This gives our regulators a repeat cycle less than 1% difference.

All Huma Regulators ship in 24 hrs.


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions .125 × .125 × .25 in


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