Steve S.
Hi Tony,

I want to thank you for the gun, it's Awesome!

I was a little worried at first that it would'nt have enough power. My thoughts were stuck on the higher the FPS the more accurate and further shooting the gun would be.

Boy was I wrong.... FPE is just as, or even more important than FPS. Besides, after buying a meter and testing all my guns, I found out that even my "1200 fps" gun was shooting in the 900's ... most of my guns claim to shoot at least 1000 fps when in fact they're all in the 800's.... I see now that when tested it's with the lightest pellet on the market..

I think my gun has a perfect balance of FPS & FPE I'm glad you set me straight... Thanks.

Furthermore after I used up all the pellets you sent me I ordered 9 cans of differnt types of pellets so I could see which ones were the best...two months later and although I still have 9 , 3/4 full, cans of pellets I ordered 4 cans (1,400 pellets) of .25 cal Exact Kings, the very same ones you originally sent me with the gun..... lol

Thanks Again......

Steve S.
Houston Tx


Hi My Friend Tony!

This is my testimonial and feedback from Norway. I hope you can write this in your homepage TalonTunes.

Luis from Norway

Final construction of the condor is finished. It was an exciting time to wait for Tony to put the Condor together. When it finally arrived in Norway this summer when I went for vacation, then I picked up the delivery from the post office, I saw the good craftsmanship Tony had put into the Condor. It was a full power tuned Condor .25

The first test I did near our cottage in the mountain, about 1000m about sea level. The response was incredibly precise, just as the shooter. I managed to shoot the target in the same place numerous times. The weapon was excellent. There was a lot of power and noise coming from the Condor, so I had to get a silencer. The Condor was put together with the silencer and a night vision in order to shoot at night time... I have tested from 40-80 meters and the weapon is

Thanks to Tony for great work. If any of you are looking for an excellent airgun, Tony is the man to put it together for you.

Best regards from Norway

I send you some picturesa

Tony i see you have a new tank style cover, I will buy one, and maybe you have a new custom trigger with metal finish?



From Mike S. 8/1/2012

I have had 5 great years with her and it is a testimony to Tony that she is shooting as good today as she was when I took her out of the box. I must say that we have been through some shit: rain, snow, sub-zero cold to 100 plus heat and she has never failed to deliver. I have tried different things over the years but besides a couple of Adam's add-ons she ALL Talon Tunes on the inside. I was looking over some pictures from days gone by and I think I would be able to fill the back end of my old f-150 with fur and feathers. She has a way about her- straight forward and to the point. If she could talk and you asked her "what's your mission? why are you here?" her answer would most likely be "I kill shit. I am a dealer of death. Big, small; it makes no difference to me. Hunting, pest control, call it what you will...

My name is Lizzy B. KILLING IS MY BUSINESS AND BUSINESS IS good." What can I say; it was love at first sight. BIG THANKS TO TONY, ADAM, AND ALL YOU GUYS FOR ALL THE GOOD TIMES. Here's a little vid we made the other day 172 yards shooting jsb 25.4 fps really fast. NOT THE BEST camera work, but next time I will remember to get a shot of LIZZY in it.

Jussi From Finland 4/25/12


Now the final setup is done and the scope is zeroed. My scope (Bsa STS 6-24x44) works great with the rifle. After two days of shooting and testing, i'm really satisfied to the results: Today i could shoot from fifty yards to a 9 mm cartridge's bottom.

The Rifle feels great to shoot. I was wondering, did you have a copy of my right hand, because the pistol grip is perfect to my hand. Friend of mine said today that is mean looking machine. So i told him, mean machine has to look like a mean machine.

Waiting was long but worth of it.

Hail to the King of Airforce Guns, Tony


Andrew G. 4/24/2012


I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I wanted to thank you for the great jog on my AAA build. I didnít get to shoot it till last weekend since my scuba tanks were out getting checked. What a shooter it is. I havenít gotten to see a paper target yet, but the tree in my yard at 40 yds has one nice group of lead in it. I really didnít think it would be that quiet either. When I get it up to camp I want to take off the modulator to see the difference. That .25 cal is something else.

I put my $300 Surefire tactical light, my $200 Tango Down Bi-Pod with Quick Release, and also a new trigger shoe, WokButt, Wokguard 15 AR grip attachment from Adam. Your Angle Adapter with quick fill gets your head just in the right place for the scope. Itís a beast!

I am sure I will get back to you in the near future for another build on a Marauder or some other nice PCP.

Again, thanx for the great job. Your name is synonymous with quality, precision and great service.


John L. 4/12/2012

Hi Tony.

As promised, I want to provide the feedback I received on the Talon Tunes Condor you assembled for me. I was competing in the sub-gun and long range sniper matches. While doing so, I placed the Condor on my table next to my .50 BMG and Mac-10. I was amazed by the attention the Condor received. The competitor next to me had to shoot it!!! He couldn't believe the performance. Very few would believe it was an air rifle until I showed them the Condor in action. Punching 1/2 MOA's @ 100yds. was a breeze. Folks were more impressed with that than my shooting the .50 cal. BMG @ 2,000 yds. haha. As a result, many expressed an interest in purchasing a Talon Tunes Condor, similarly equipped rifle. I had a ball showing off my Condor. Hopefully, you get some contacts and business from my shooting buddies. We had competitors from Florida to Alaska so you received nationwide exposure.

Best wishes,
John L

From Jamie M. 2/14/12

Well, after shooting our new rifle many times & sharing the experience with many friends the overwhelming response is "where in the hell did you get it ?". Hopefully we can help your sales by continuing to share with our friends. Tony, what can I say that you haven't heard before, this thing is incredible!!! Emma, age 9, is hitting the bulls eye @ 100 feet after just 2 shots, mission accomplished! Shared it last weekend with an air Marshall friend who was very impressed. Ian, my 13 year old hit an empty 25-6 cartridge off the fence @ 100 feet on his first try. I'm very happy with my decision to allow you the latitude to guide me through the decision making process as we built this incredible machine. GREAT JOB!!!!!

Many, many thanks,

From John L. 2/10/12

Hi Tony.

Just wanted to let you know my rifle arrived in excellent condition and has been performing flawlessly. The Talon Tunes .25 cal. Condor you put together for me is a work of art. My local associates can't believe it's an air rifle. I've been shooting an average of 70 - 100 yds. with pin point accuracy. I put an automotive vacuum cap on the drop adapter fill connector to protect it and keep debris out. Seems to work fine. I'm so glad we included that and the top hat in this purchase. The scope is better than I anticipated.

Your craftsmanship and attention to detail created an awesome addition to my collection of rifles. I shoot everything from a full auto .45 ACP Mac-10 to .50 BMG weapons with everything in between.

This new air rifle has added an whole new dynamics to my shooting experience. The beauty of which is that I can shoot from my back deck. Not something I can do with my other weapons. Thanks again for providing me with such a quality rifle. It's one I proudly display and shoot. I am taking it to Arizona with me at the end of this coming March for a Class-3 and Sniper shooting competition to show my business associates and friends.

It will be interesting to see their reaction to "just an air rifle". It's anything but "just an air rifle". It's a fantastic piece of shooting equipment with assignment possibilities in my business.
I'll let you know their reaction.

Thanks again for all of your efforts.

From Steve In Ct
Yellow Forum Owner 1/10/12

When it comes to tuning the Talons there is only one name TalonTunes...

I bought my TalonP a few months back and I like it a lot. Out of the box it is a great shooter and I posted about it here. Any Pistol with 50 FPE potential in .25 and accuracy would interest me. But as such this little beast has a report like a .30-06 LOL.

Anthony Annuzzi of TalonTunes has helped numerous Talon owners over the years with his smart enhancements and knowing these rifles inside out.

For starters Tony put that beautiful Shroud on that cuts the report by 75%, good enough so you dont alarm the squirrels in the woods.

Then Tony performed a full Tune that really brings out the shine on this wonderful pistol.
Added trigger set screws, did a trigger tune that made for a light crisp release, I love it. He polished, hand lapped and profiled the barrel. This shows on the tightening of the groups. Look at the 40 yard target below. Replaced the breech and valve seals.

The one thing he did I really love is the top hat replacement with his one piece custom top hat/valve stem. This is a must and assures consistency on the long run.

I usually shoot 5 shots at 50 yards, the adjust one mildot and get another 5 at full power. It's like having a DAQ in your back pocket LOL.

Thank you Tony and TalonTunes for making a great Pistol even better. It loves those JSBs.

From Mark T. 01/11/12


Guess what I just picked up? WOW! was this worth the wait! What an amazing rifle. Here is a picture of it with the Laser Designator by Laser Genetics.

This thing lights up a target at 250 yards. I have used it on another pellet rife and its amazing. The rabbit does not even know its being lit up.

Now with this crazy gun I should be able to do some great pest elimination. This thing is so quiet!

Dear Mr. Annuzzi,

I just became the lucky owner of a condor .25 airgun that was tuned by your hands. Let me begin to say that I am very impressed by the quality of your work. The gun looks simply mindboggling. The gun was purchased from Mr. Stefaan Jacobs from the city of Ronse in Belgium. I have enclosed a picture of the gun.

Since I have never had such a powerful airgun I have some questions which I hope you are able to answer:

I want to use it for hunting medium game (small deer and pigs (around 30 to 60 kg.) I would like to know if there is anything that can be done to make it even more quiet then it is now in the current configuration?

What kind of pellet do you recommend if fired at maximum power setting? (I am afraid that ordinary pellets will just disintegrate with that much power).

Hopefully you can also give me the details on all the modifications that you made and the performance figures I can expect from it.

And the final question: Some friends of mine would like to buy a condor in the same configuration as this one. What would it cost them if they would order it and how long would it take?

Hope to hear from you shortly. Thanks again for tuning this condor into an amazing air rifle.

Kind regards,

Arjan Biemond
The Netherlands


I have owned 3 Airforce airguns. Two Talon SS (I sold one to fund another project) and a Condor. Ive read many places that out of the box, the Talon SS requires work to be a good shooter. While I don't necessarily consider that to be 100% accurate, I do know that most guns can benefit from a tune.

Not having the time nor inclination (ok, nor skills) to do my own tune on the Talon, I jumped at the opportunity to have Anthony work on my gun when he first started doing tune work.

For me, the process of having a gun tuned is a bit distressing. I pack my guns very carefully to avoid damage during shipping and I always wonder if the person shipping MY gun will be just as careful when they pack. I was very pleased to find that when my gun arrived home, she was packed even better than I done. Big kudos on that. There was no movement in the box and everything was packed perfectly. I included this in my testimony because I believe it is very important. Just as important is the communication process. Anthony informed me of when my payment arrived, when my gun arrived, what condition it was in, as well as informing me of the progress on the tune. Top notch communication the entire time.

OK, lets move on to the gun. Prior to the tune, there were no issues with accuracy or with performance. The gun shot hard and accurate. Of course, if your gun does have consistency issues, Anthony's services can fix you up. I was happy with the performance of my gun pre-tune, but I was really curious to see what Anthony could do with it.

When I took the gun out of the box, I noticed the shine at the valve, a nice touch since my gun has some shiny bits on it already; the shine was a nice compliment. I filled to 2800psi, per Anthony's recommendation and loaded a pellet. I thought perhaps I had broken something when I slid the breech forward. It moved like greased glass. Not at all like before. I was already impressed. I loaded a pellet and slid the breech back. I didn't bother to aim at anything in particular, just touched off a shot....and I mean touched off a shot. Gone was the cheesy trigger with mediocre feel to it. The trigger mod Anthony did felt great and the trigger broke like glass. After a few more shots to familiarize myself with the gun, I sighted in. Anthony had sent groups with 2 pellets he tested: JSB Exacts, and Crosman Premiers. The Premiers actually grouped a bit better, 5 shots at 36 yards easily covered by a dime. JSB's weren't anything to sneeze at either, with 5 shots just a touch over a dime at the same distance. I was able to duplicate the results easily at 30 yards, my normal shooting distance. Firing cycle was vastly improved due to the internal polishing done. That, coupled with the trigger mod, made the gun shoot as if it were on auto pilot.

After some more groups, I decided to run some shots over the chrony. Anthony had sent a chrony string from my gun and my results confirmed his. A 25 shot string using JSB Exacts in .22 netted the following results:


Average of 900.02 fps for 28.79fpe.

Suffice to say I am very pleased with the results and can recommend Anthony to anyone who may want better performance out of their AirForce gun without the hassle of attempting to tweak it on your own. You will get fast service, communication throughout the process, safe handling and shipping of your gun, and you will receive a Talon or Condor performing at its PEAK when it arrives home.

Rob 3dr

From Todd R.

I finally went on my first Mountain bike / Airgun hunt. I have wanted a gun that I could take down and put in a pack and ride to and through my hunting destinations. A deal came up on a Talon SS .22 and thought I would give it a try. After a great tune by Anthony266 this gun was shooting real nice. Being a scant 32 inches long and under 7lb scoped, I set out for my local areas.
I was riding through a field and lo and behold I saw 6 crows land to get a drink of water. I quickly screwed the bottle on and loaded the gun. I set up my bipod and hunkered down for my first out of the backpack shot.  The pellet went thwap and feathers flew but he took off---to low. I was a little anxious and it showed. I kept riding and went to a spot where I new of some Ground Squirrels. I rode in behind a building and assembled my gun (10 seconds). There he was sitting up on his honches looking around. I crept forward and then set up the bipod, took aim at this 30 yard target and thwap---got him. Another 30 yards to my left was his bunk mate wondering what was going on. Thwapp got him. Feeling pretty good about this and just about ready to go home, another GS popped his head up another 30 yards to the left. I crept over to a rise and set up the bipod. This made him about a 40 yard shot. I was using Kodiaks and thought the pellet would drop some so I aimed for the head thinking if it dropped the pellet would hit vitals and be a clean hit either way. Thwapp!! Down he went. I went over to the area where I hit him and sure enough the pellet went right in the side of his head. Wow. I either jerked up a bit when I shot or the pellet had very little fall in the 40 yards. (next time I will bring my camera).

This gun loves CP's, JSB's , Kodiaks and Predators to about 25 yards. All these pellets have a very close POI at closer range so no worries of clicking your scope or counting mildots. I pretty much put the cross hairs on the target in the 20 to 40 yard range. This gun is amazingly quiet, just a thong sound of the hammer hitting. It is very easy to load, you just push the bolt forward, load the pellet and bring it back. It's not as nice as a multishot but hey you can't have everything. The gun takes so little effort to load and cock that even a youngster could load this gun with no problem. This little gun is set to about 23-25 fpe (can be set higher). It shoots about 840 fps down to about 805 for thirty shots. At 20 yards however, I can shoot a good 50 times with no POI change before a fill. Removing the bottle is a snap. Simply unscrew, no back pressure or anything to worry about, very easy. Another interesting thing is how the gun looses its pressure. Most PCP guns have a shooting curve that usually starts low and then climbs, and goes back to low. The Talon simply shoots from high to low. This type of pressure regulation may be a bit more predictable and definitely not a problem. The Take Down nature of this gun is a rare feature in airgunning. It makes travel, hiking, and biking with this gun an easy thing to do. In my research on this gun I found very little talk about this feature (except Jim C.) I am going to design a travel backpack for this gun and have it made by a friend who works with such materials.
This gun has always had my curiosity with all the heated debate over this gun. Many do not like the military look and quickly dismiss it. Many tinker with this gun and mess it up and get frustrated. Many shoot these guns right out of the box and they shoot well. Some have problems out of the box. I do know that this gun shoots well and yes it has been tuned but hey, people buy guns for 5 times the price and tune them as well. If you buy one of these guns I would recommend sending it straight away to Anthony266 for a tune. You will then be on your way to shooting a very interesting, fun, accurate, powerful, quiet, small, portable, enjoyable gun.
Stay tuned for the upcoming side by side comparison review with an Air Arms TDR.

Special thanks to Anthony Annuzzi for his great work and to McSquidly for finding me this gun.
Happy Shooting
Todd Ridenour

Tony I's Talon .20

With the release of the JSB(.20) I got all excited, was debating an AZ Rapid MKII(.20) and was very close to spending the jingle on it but then I kept thinking, don't know if its the conservative cost accountant in me, the thrifty upbringing my parents instilled but I kept thinking I really loved the way my Anthony266 tuned Talon SS(.22) turned out, why not get another Talon as the basis for a project gun...

Figured the Talon is an affordable gun, get an HW(.20) barrel from Tim at MAC1 since they are good enough for a USFT and he's an accuracy nut to say the least, send it off to Anthony Annuzzi as he's an accuracy nut that loves Air Force guns as well as the Rapids which he owns...

So I called up Tim, ordered a Talon with a HW 26" HW(.20) barrel that he quickly machined, installed and sent to me...I shot it a little bit to make sure all was fine and establish a basis for comparison to the finished product...ragged hole accuracy at 20 yards with JSB's at 950fps with a trigger that was begging to be lightened...so I started ordering parts like grips and more importantly a custom Airhog Shroud to deal with the longer barrel...

Van and company were excited and happy to make me an appropriate shroud, forewarning me that its gonna be long and I said no worries...a few weeks later they shipped the shroud to Anthony which surprised him as well regarding the length as its 18.5" from the end of the receiver to the end of the endcap. For my purposes its fine and in a hard case remove the bottle and there's tons of space to fit it...

So Anthony starts doing his thing with tuning it, polishing and jeweling parts...all I gotta say is WOW now that its complete and back to me!!!

The trigger is exceptionally light and crisp, I don't have a gauge but I'd liken it to my FWB601's! The gun is quiet as can be, smooth, and instill's the HIGH Fun Factor Feeling

Thanks again to Tim, Van and Anthony for all the great products and service they provided in making this come together!

Jim R's .20 Barrel

I swapped out the 18' .22 barrel for the 19-3/4" .20 LW barrel. Total length is just about same as a Condor. See the photo below.

I am amazed just how accurate this setup is. With a Leapers 4-12AO scope with mildot reticle, and no wind, it easily shoots a sub-1/2" group at 50 yards with .20 JSB Exacts.

If I hold a little under one-mildot high at 25 yards (about 3/4"), it's easy to shoot the head off a kitchen match!

Needless to say, I'm very pleased with this setup. Thanks for the great barrel!

Here is Brian B.'s Full Blown Talon With Eighteen Inch Barrel...

Dec. 28 2006

Thanks so much for your great work on my AirForce Talon .22 rifle!
The trigger is smooth and the gun functions with precision. Your efforts have made the gun quiet and accurate.
Thanks for your help and advice. My custom Talon could not be any better.
Brian B

Chuck S.

Talon To Condor Conversion


Hi Tony!
Had a lot of time to shoot my SS finally! Dude GREAT JOB you did on my Talon!!!! Just wanted you to see her new home in upstate NY.
Have her sighted in at 45 yards. You can see in the pictures, the 4 shots hit the metal targets with no problem at all. This gun is accurate as all hell, WOW!!

Tony did a fine job on my SS to condor project. Porting, polishing, o-ring mods, trigger mods etc!!! Killer job dude, thanks you're my newest buddy.....Chuck

Isaac J. 03/27/07

Just got my Condor back today bright and early from Anthony266. i opened the box to see a smoothly polished glistening black Condor! on the Condor a new simmons scope plus a beamshot 1001 neatly mounted!

Upon inspected i also notice a 40 dollar check (the guy even sent me money back!) plus my other airforce scope that I sent with the gun neatly wrapped. I also got Tony to make me a custom shroud. I looked through the shroud you could see all kinds of high tech twists and chambers that looked like the Matrix!

I called Tony up and asked him man how do i attach this shroud. Tony told me it was very simple and it could be installed in a few short minutes. I decided to try the Condor out first without the shroud to see how it sounded. the Condor sounded like thunder! i almost looked around to see if lightning was to follow!

I decided to install the shroud. I was thinking the whole time I wanna put this on exactly right.
It took me 2 min tops to install the shroud so I pop in a Eun Jin and pull the trigger. The ony thing I heard was the sound of the hammer strike! This rip roaring Condor was twice an quiet as a Crossman 760, I couldn't believe it!

I called Anthony up and told him of the ordeal and he laughed his ass off and said man im glad you like it. I wanna thank Anthony266 again and I highly recommend this guy to anyone thinking about getting their gun worked......stay tuned for my first kill.

Marc's 25 Yard Group After Bottle Tune.

Using a stock Air Force barrel 18 inches JSB .177 caliber 10.2 grain pellets. This is much quieter than the 18 inch 22 barrel and just as accurate. I just mounted a new scope without making any adjustments. This group was shot very nonchalant. After I get the scope properly adjusted, one small hole I believe could be achieved at this distance. If I take my time and get into the zone. Some may remember I posted I was having a problem with the tank not anymore thanks Tony. When I first had the problem with the tank dumping all the air I called Air Force and they told me it wasn't under warranty but for a charge they could fix it. Since Tony could fix it and make it even better with the O-ring mod. I believe I made the right choice by sending it to Tony. It's much quieter now and I really like the polishing work he did. Fast turnaround always responded promptly to my e-mails, great job at a very reasonable price.

Brewmaster Writes...
Well I am a newbie and had Tony build a Talon for me, just went out to shoot it me very happy, At 25yd. in the bull 1in.and 1/2 in for me that is good. At 100yd I hit the target. And for me and all the problems I have I think that was good for me and a 12'' barrel I am happy. Oh, I forgot to say that what I was using were Pyramid Air predator .22 30gr.round nose.

Craig L. 4/29/07

I don't shoot groupings very well in general... but I compared my Logun Solo .22 (w/ JSB Exact Jumbos [avg. FPS 920] ) to my Talon Tuned
Condor- with a Talon tank .22 (w/ Beeman Kodiaks [avg FPS 975]).
*****40 yards*****

After some more poor groups I decided to go for the thumbtacks,
I missed once with the Solo, and didn't miss 3 times in a row
with the condor

Here's some pics of Anthony's fine work...(I rescratched the black on the tank: these pics are after shooting 200 rnds or so),

Actually, I found out from Tony that my condor came with a talon tank (new from Pyramyd) and the low fps I was seeing was explained right then. I decided to go with a full tune anyway, (I've heard that the condor with a talon tank is a good set up) Anthony polished all the internals (more than my pics reveal) + installed a custom Hammer, also he removed the bum safety + a little gemming with a polished/ported valve + i'm not sure but i think he may have tweeked the trigger too. My Condor/Talon now shoots about 100 fps more than it did pretune. I've clocked Kodiaks at 999 fps.

Nice work Tony,

thanks again,

Miichael E May 24 2007

Credit where credit is due. Anthony and my Talon

This report is overdue. I sent my Talon and a pair of tanks to Anthony. I received them back from Anthony a while ago, but only recently was able to really get in and wring it all out.

1. The trigger - outstanding. I've been in to these triggers. If someone had told me the Talon trigger could be made to feel and perform like this, I would have laughed at them. Not any more. The weight is just right for a field gun (as low as I feel is safe) and the let off is clean.

2. The fit and finish of his work is superb. The firing sensation is smooooottthhhhh. The consistency is remarkable. And the gun is very quiet, particularly in light of its energy output.

3. One of the most impressive aspects of his work was balancing the performance of the two tanks. At 3,000psi - the first shots out of both tanks run 865 to 870 fps. That's with Crosman CPs. And both tanks give a steady decline to 815 to 810 fps over 48-50 shots. That is 22+ ft lbs of energy - give or take a pound - over a 50 shot string. I 'Zero' the gun at fifty yards - at 840 fps. The first eight to ten shots off the top of the tank hit a little less than a half inch high. The last eight to ten shots, at the low end of this velocity range, hit a little less than a half inch low. This is certainly easy enough to hold for. The thirty or so shots in between are right down the middle. And even without any compensation, this variation is still well within a 'minute of ground squirrel'.

As a point of interest, I use a couple of bands of the sponge pipe-wrap insulation around the scope tube as pellet holders. Between them, they are punched to hold a total of 50 pellets. Starting with a full tank, and full 'magazine', this system enables me to keep track of the shot count, and if really critical, where to hold early or late in the string. In a 'target rich' environment warranting carrying both tanks - I carry one of the little plastic 'pop-top' breath mint containers with another 50 pellets.

Am I pleased with Anthony's work? You can bet your bippee on that. Thank you Anthony.


Same kind of fine work for me as well May 24 2007, 9:25 AM

Anthony has done similar work for me on a TalonSS The trigger was great and accuracy was outstanding. Anthony is fair, trustworthy and easy to deal with.

Anthony is to AF what Pual WAtts is to springers. Worth every penny to get the tune.

I can say the same about the products he makes. May 24 2007, 3:14 PM

The hammer weight for the talon is very well made and polished nice.
It makes cocking the gun smoother and delivers performance.
Higher fill, higher shot count, higher velocity.
Great price. Fast delivery. Once my talondor gets another turn at upgrades,
I know where I will be turning to, again.

James N.

Roy From Hawaii 6/12/07

If I bought something off of somebody who claimed their product was all that and a bag of chips I would expect that that person was true to their word and claim. I know I am. In my third day of field testing of AA266's .25 he built for me this is some serious shit. How many people on TOG have something built by Tony? I do. Myself and my friends still cannot fathom that this is an AIR RIFLE. The power of this Condor boggles our collective lines. I have never met Tony in person, only spoke with him on the phone. I gave him the specifications and he delivered. My good friends are well versed in and have quite a collection of high powered powder burners. They CANNOT YET get over the fact that this is an air rifle. Fact is , I have to tell them to stop foaming at the mouth. I take nothing away from any other builders, but what Tony built for me is honest, quality, and promised Engineering, delivered on time and in full.



Kevin From Pensacola 8/4/07


I finally got to spend a bit of time with my Tuned Talon .25 today. If I had to sum it up in a short statement then I believe that statement to be "FREAKIN' WOW!!!!!!!!"

What a shooter... I had initially zeroed this rifle immediately after I received it. It zeroed nice & easy. After I shot a prolonged session, I couldn't group it anymore. I didn't know if it was me or my new toy so I was disappointed but hopeful. I then brought it to my friends house & his son, Scott was home on leave from the Marine Corps. I was happy to have a young pair of eyes do a bit of shooting. He proceeded to shoot beautiful groups at 35, 50 & 97 yards. This proved to me that my Tony Tune was doing exactly what I had paid for and that my eyes were having a bad day which happens more times than I like to admit. I then left the rifle for the week with my friend & his son. Scott shot throughout the week & praised the rifle & stamped it with his approval. My best friend, also named Tony, then ran a couple of chrony strings for me and presented me with these numbers. "BEAUTIFUL!!!!!"

Well today was my day to shoot & after checking my zero and doing a 35yard dial in, I proceeded to take out the black on the center of the bull. I guess that wasn't good enough so I then made sure dead center was removed. WOW!!! I then shot targets at 40 to 75 yards. I got so cocky that I pulled one shot at 70 yards. This was my only miss of the day... WOW!!!!

Thank you so much Tony. You've made a groupie out of me...


Alden P of Hawaii 8/10/07


I received my talon, and popped a few rounds, at first, I thought it was broken. All I heard is the sound of the hammer. I had to double check the riffle.. Butt a** quiet...It is awesome!!!

I ran thru a few JSB 's & a few beeman's.... The Beemans seem to shoot better. (H&N match 13.75 gr.) You are surely a man of your words,

Thanks for doing such a great job, it was worth the long wait. and every penny...
thanks again,

Al **** Jr.

Jeremy S. 8/31/07


This just a short email thanking you for such an excellent job on the transformation of my stealth into a bad ass Super Stealth. The guns is so quiet that my neighbors think that I am playing with a toy. Then I showed them the guns awesome power and shot the legs off of some outdoor patio furniture. The were amazed. Every time I look at my gun it puts a smile on my face! So once again, Thank you!

Jeremy S.

Marc 10/10/07

My Talon Review

I got my Talon SS with a 12"; barrel stock in .177 Cal. I was having much fun with it and admired the power. Accuracy was very impressive to say the least. After browsing the web and looking at air gun information I discovered Talon Tunes with Anthony 266.

I was very impressed with his pictures and reviews from other people regarding his work with these Talon Air rifles. The main thing I really wanted here was accuracy and QUIET!! I had accuracy so after consulting Anthony I decided to ship my Talon SS to him.

I knew it would be a good safe thing but the thing I didn't realize was how good. Once Anthony shipped the rifle back to me I immediately took it out of the box and set it up in minuets. At first when I dry fired the gun I laughed because it sounded like I was trying to shoot a Talon with an empty tank! All I could hear was the hammer with a very soft whisper.

So now I safely shoot into my brick fence from across the yard and the only noise is the pellet hitting the fence. No more barking dogs to alert neighbors! I blow up walnuts and you can hear the walnut explode and then you can find the pellet smashed embedded into the brick fence and it takes a tool to scrape it off or pull it out! I also enjoy shooting Dragon Fly's or Rats on the wire at night! I then took the rifle to the range and shot from approximately 40 yards and I hit .45 cal brass cases and knocked them 30 feet into the air and up on the dirt hill of the range. I also shot empty plastic shotgun shells knocking them spinning counter clockwise up 30 feet in the air and around 20 feet back clear up on the range hill! People gathered and asked what I was shooting.

The .22 cal pellet from the new custom Lothar Walther 24" barrel Anthony made for me sent the pellet through both sides of the plastic shot gun shell. Clocked with approx 2900 psi in the Talon's air tank it was right under 900fps. After approximately 80 shots my pellet started to rise so I used my Mil dot in my scope to still continue hitting my targets and the Talon was clocked at 700 psi after this many shots.

To make the story short the best thing you can do to your Talon in my opinion is to have Anthony work his machine work on it. I seem to have more shots per each tank fill. It is so quiet it is funny to show friends or hide from game while operating it. I plan to by a Condor straight from Anthony and have him modify it all.

Machine work did cost some $$ but it was completely worth every penny!

I will be in touch my friend. Thanks!



Nan writes...


I received my tripod today.. thank you so much.

I love what you did with my Talon SS. You are a remarkable craftsman. It shoots "dead on" every time. I have only shot about 50 rounds so far & man is she quiet. Your custom shroud certainly makes a world of difference. I can't get over how much quieter it is with your shroud.

Your custom hammer design is awesome! I love the way it looks. The custom breech knob & work on the tank really dress the gun up.

The trigger is sooooooooooooo smooth!!!

The butt pad on the tank helps out so much. It is now comfortable to shoot my Talon SS no more neck strain.

Even with the custom butt pad, shroud, custom hammer, breech knob & longer barrel..I really can't tell much of a weight difference. The gun is well balanced & loves being shot.

You certainly deliver what you promise. You are a man of outstanding character.

I highly recommend your work to everyone who is interested in owning a Talon that they can be proud of.

Again I thank-you sir for your outstanding craftsmanship!!!

Nan W. (a very happy Texas Talon SS owner)

Michael A

I would like to thank you for the .25cal shroud and barrel, it exceeded my expectations. I am real impressed with the quality of your work. I am also impressed with how easy it was to drop into my talon, it took 5 mins. I had a chance to shoot it today at a little over 40 yards and I was getting ragged one hole groups! If its this accurate now I cant wait until the barrel is completely broken in.

Thanks again for the quality work and service,

Michael Azarian

Hi Tony,

I received your package yesterday. Thank you for the extremely fast turn around. Thank you so much for the O rings! But most of all.. What a beautiful piece of work you have done on the shroud. More fantastic is how well it works. You were totally correct.. All that I hear is the valve operate and then the pellet hit. .Eerily silent. YAHOO !!!! It was attached and operation all in about 2 minutes. This sounds crazy but the point of impact changed vertically about 1 inch. AND the group size improved !!! Am I nuts???

I am thinking of a 25 caliber in the future. Would you suggest a Condor set up or the Talon with 24" barrel?

Thank you Thank you Thank you

Best Tony M.

Mike From Nebraska

Just wanted to drop a note to say how pleased I am with my Condor. A local dealer turned me on to Tony's web page and that was all she wrote: I had to have one! I got hold of Tony on the phone, asked a few questions, and started the process. Tony is as good with customers as he is with his rifles. It takes some time to build a custom. I felt like a 5- year- old waiting for Christmas morning, but Tony kept me posted on the progress and that made it a little easier. Then I got the call that Lizzy was on the way.

Opened the box and, oh my god, it was love at first sight! She was long, lean, and wicked mean. I filled her tank, went to the range, and fired off a couple rounds without the shroud. Damn, she was as loud as my .22! I slid on the shroud and put her in whisper mode: the only sound now was the pellet slamming into the target. Punched a little paper to get her sighted in and I can say with out any reservation that she shoots better than I can hold her.

She was born to hunt and hunting is what she does best. In whisper mode, she has given me the chance for second shots that I would not have gotten with a louder gun. For raw power, she has no equal. I have hunted a lot of raccoons with powder burners and have had a handful of one shot kills. Lizzy's first coon was at 20 yards: one shot- the coon rolled once and it was done. In closing, if you're looking for a pellet gun that is powerful accurate and whisper- quiet, Tony Annuzzi is your man.

Mike from Nebraska

Roberto G.

I received the rifle packages today. I'm totally impressed with the work. Everything arrived safe and sound. Again, I'm really impressed and very happy with the gun .

Thanks again, Robert

Kenneth H.

Hey Tony,

I took my Condor to meet a few of my friends who were out in a field shooting around and they were truly amazed! 2 in particular, one a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army and a retired Marine scout sniper, neither ever heard of the Airforce airgun before, both of them asked for more info and of course I had to give you all the credit. Needless to say, you will be getting at least 2 people contacting you for information.

Thanks for everything, I'll stay in touch, Kenneth

Pat's Groups
AAA .25 Condor
I'm getting the bird ready for it's first hunt next week if all goes well. We are going for jack rabbit's and I also hear that some coyote's are also in the area. I'm shooting with the high flow tank and the Kodiak's at 2800psi and the 42.8gr Eunjin's at 2900psi and I have the same zero for both pellets at 40 to 45 yards. All shots I did at a friends house and the wind was maybe 2-5mph and at 45 yards 5 shots on each target.

From Nuglor....2/23/08
I just have to say thanks again to Tony for my incredible Condor. I broke the chrony out yesterday after not using it for a couple of months. I filled the bottle on my Condor up to 3000psi and dialed the power wheel up to about 4. Using 37g EJ's, the first shot was 1001 fps. The second shot was 999 fps and the 3rd was 997 fps. Wow! I love this freakin' gun. Talk about a powerhouse. The guns from TalonTunes ROCK!!! Thanks Tony!

From My Brothers At www.talonairgun.com


I'm having a little trouble typing and holding my "Super SS" from TalonTunes.com, better known as Tony. If this commentary ends abruptly, it's because I chose to hold my SS.

This is the most beautiful piece of craftsmanship I have ever owned. His workmanship is absolutely awesome, the details flawless. This man, Tony, loves his work. From the beginning of the shroud..to the butt of the tank...his work shines.

Some time ago on this forum, I brought up "....how quiet is quiet?" I thought I had achieved a level of quietness in my SS that was pretty good. "IT SOUNDED LIKE A FREIGHT TRAIN" compared to what Tony has done with it. Now its quieter than a baby's burp!
Talent, attention to detail, dedication, it all shows up in his work. I want to hold it all the time. It's like the grandchild I don't have.

It's an SS with an 18" barrel, a full tune, custom shroud, breech knob, valve tune and O-ring, trigger job, vented frame, and custom hammer. It performs like a Jaguar, looks like a Marilyn Monroe, and leaves you with that post ejaculation feeling.......without the mess!

It shoots JSB's at 910fps, Kodiaks at 835fps, on a wheel setting of 6, and a 2900 psi tank fill. I'd rather sleep with it than with my ex-wife. Thank you Tony...you have provided this old man with something I will cherish forever, and filled my heart with gratitude. You are far better at what you do than what my words are able to describe. We are all better people for having known you.

He hasn't done any work for me yet but I am saving right now for my Super quiet sniper Mods from Tony I know his work is great because of testimonies like this one. Very Happy



Good for you Shaky!

Some people get bent and pissed because Tony is doing work no one else is currently doing and they piss and moan when we say how good Tony's work is. The fact is he is a very good craftsmen and knows his stuff. And if Tony was a hack I would be the first one to yell it from the roof tops.... as some of you know.

The fact is his work on these guns is outstanding and he has invested the time and money into buying the machinery and skill to do what he does. Thank goodness he is here to work on guns for those who want it. His work does cost $$ because it is worth it. I am hard to impress and when I got my barrel and shroud from him all I could say was shit...that is awesome.

So here is to you Tony...Good Job....The Rapid has Allen Z and we have Tony A.

And Shaky when they say "The only way they are taking your gun away is by prying it from your cold dead fingers" I think that is an accurate statement for you! Razz

Adam aka WalkonKing

As most of you know, I've touted Tony's work from the moment I got my Condor from him. It is one of the most incredible airguns I've ever owned. Hands down! He does excellent work and more importantly, stands behind it. When I had a problem with the aluminum in my valve starting to separate, he replaced it at no charge and it works even better than the original one I got from him... if that's even possible. TONY IS DA' MAN! Laughing Laughing Laughing

Tony does top notch work....

I was one who jumped on the chance to have him work on my gun when he first started tuning them. I'll admit at the time, I thought the price for the tune was a bit much, but I try to support various craftsmen and I enjoy the work that 'newcomers' bring as the attention to detail is superb in general.

When I got my Talon back from Tony the cost of the tune was no longer in my head. The gun was awesome. This was before Tony started doing lots of bling on his guns and I got only performance mods. At the time, he didn't even offer jeweling but it didn't matter. The attention to detail was awesome and the performance was awesome. One piece of Tony bling now adorns my Condor as well as a .25 barrel from him and the workmanship is great.

Those that balk at his prices would balk no more if they just had an opportunity to hold one of his creations.

I love posts like this, and I will add to it.

I haven't had any work done on my rifle, but I did get a custom hammer and a .25 barrel from Tony. The barrel included machined bushings, and when I installed the barrel it was almost a vacuum fit. I can not feel any slop whatsoever in the fit.

The one piece hammer has given the gun a whole new level of velocity consistency. Standard deviation is now less than 10fps over 40 shots.

Whenever I think of doing anything to the gun, I check Tony's website to see how he does it.

I think what I like best about the guy, he doesn't act like a high-falutin' ass when you ask questions. I've never gotten an answer that didn't make sense, and they all worked.

My glass is raised Tony. *clink*

Pretty amazing, Huh! I love my TT custom .25 Condor. Cool Cool I wish you newer members could have seen my old TOG posts regarding my bird. I'll see if I can find some.

Nuglor.... do you prefer "Noogz" or "Nugz" for short? You got one bad ass .25. That my friend is a FACT. Cool I'm gonna go have a look at mine as I'm jonesin' for a fix.


High Plains Drifter

The man (Tony) can really turn out some amazing work. His sense of craftsmanship is on a very high level playing field and the results are found everywhere.

His .25 setups are really something. I think you will like the 4500psi fill tank and the shroud will give your rig the stealth it may need. I ordered a Talon tank with mine as well as the Condor one, and the Talon tank gets used the most around my house and it shoots at 45fpe. When you start shooting the .25 setup you may not want to go back to the .22 barrel.

He did a tank mod for me and all I can say is I cant see why you would have a tank that wasn't reworked by Tony. Shoots great and looks even better. I think my next move will be from a AirHog shroud to one of Tony's sweet lookin' models. ( In .25 of corse! Cool )

Don't have much to say on this one.

Tony's work is first class.

Tony's people skills are top- notch.

Never met him in person, but in my mind he will always be that old guy in Shooter that lived in a compound deep in the woods and really knows his shit about rifles and ballistics but seems just half a bubble off center. Twisted Evil

Nebraska Mike


Just wanted to drop a note to let you know how Lizzy and I are getting on. We are better than ever! I don't know what magic you worked on her; maybe you whispered in her ear to give the old fat guy a break. Or maybe it was doing all that shooting with that shit trigger on that Benjamin. Whatever it was, or is we have really tightened up the groups. Sat. we recorded our furthest kill to date- a barn swallow at 61 yards with stiff wind blowing from right to left. Could not really call it hunting, was doing some practice shooting off the deck. My confidence level has never been higher. We have moved targets all the way out to 109 yards. Need a lot of work before I would try to take any game at that distance but judging by the holes that those Kodiaks are putting in the half-inch pressed wood back board, there is still plenty of kill juice left even at that range to get the job done.

Been doing a little camo on her. Starting to come together a work in progress.

Mike D. 7/7/08

Dear Tony,

Thanks so much for working on my Talon SS .177. The safety is great. I can now flick it off with my trigger finger. The trigger is like silk with a little bit shorter stroke. I hope I am not violating your instructions but I moved the power wheel to # 9 because I wanted 20 ft. lbs. out of this rifle so that I take out the nasty raccoons in our area. At 2800 psi, on # 9, it is getting just 20 ft. lbs. shooting Beeman Kodiak Match pellets (10.6 gr.). I've only gotten one shot at a raccoon who was getting into our garbage and it was too dark to get a very accurate shot (my wife was holding a flashlight on him). However, I did get him somewhere in the head area and he let out a growl like I have never heard from a raccoon and was just able to get up a tree. I was going to go after him in my pajamas (4 AM) but my wife said NO!!!!!!!!! However, I took out two squirrels raiding our bird feeders with super accurate head shots this morning. I have the Air Force 50 mm. scope mounted and it is a beauty with this rifle. The shroud and your tune keeps the report on this rifle down to quite a low level for a gun with this degree of power. It is about the same as my other Talon SS .22 which I am using with a Micrometer Tank, putting out 12 ft. lbs. Thanks again. You are the only one I will send my 3 Talons SS to for service in the future.

Lizzy Says Hello  8/26/08

Whets the haps just wanted to let you just how much I love that black hearted bitch you made for me. It is coming up on a year now and I just cant think what it would be like to be with out her. Because of Lizzy and you I have made new friends all over the world who would of thunk it. She is shooting better then ever we are as one. Got are first tree rat of the season 40 yards. You can all most see her smile at the sound of skull cracking. [Born to hunt] All thoughs fancy target rifles at the fun shoot could not hold a candle to her. You have made others and they may look alike but as God as my witness Tony she is one of a kind dark as the night and mean as they come. You hear foke speak of the dark side with fear in there voice. They have seen into the void and what they have seen is Lizzy B. looking back at them.

Thanks for every thing.

Mike aka Nebraska

Brian B. 10/21/08

These pictures are of my condor with a Tony shroud from Talon Tunes and a custom paint job by Vaughn Hutchinson of hinton WV. The shroud is awesome and makes my gun completely silent. The paint job was hand painted by a true artist!


Hi, Tony

I received the tanks and other parts late last week.  Just today I had the chance to bring the tanks up to pressure (3000 psi) and do some shooting.  Only about 5 shots each for now as preparing for my relocation is tying up a lot of time.

The tanks work beautifully!  I’d converted my Condor to Talon SS spec 12” barrel and it’s been down on power quite a bit.  It always will be.  Anyway, I don’t have a chronograph, so my tests are a bit unscientific. 

With stock tanks, the Talon SS couldn’t put a 21 grain Beeman Kodiak through a 2x6 – not even close, I suspect.  Now with the Condor tank that you modded filled to 3000 psi, it put 3 of 5 all the way through – splinters out the back!  I consider that to be an astounding amount of energy from a 12” barrel!

I’ll have to buy a chrono soon so I can do some tophat tuning and see what the tank’s actual potential is… I wouldn’t be surprised to see it put 5 of 5 through the same 2x6 and still have some energy left over 

The other parts you sent are obviously very well made.  Thank you for that - and also, thank you for the bonus 90 durometer breech o-rings!

Once I get moved to Colorado and I’m settled in, I’ll be in touch to see if you would upgrade some other tanks valves. 

I’m taking some time off of the moving regimen today to get the parts you sent installed.

Sincere thanks once again.

Kind regards,

Larry S.

From Paul S.
Date: Tuesday, February 10, 2009, 8:52 PM
Hey Tony,
Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, busy time.  All is well.  Got the new baby, looks fantastic!  Read your "Break-in" instruction sheet before anything else.  I'm very impressed with the your workmanship & detail. (The gun, not the instruction sheet...Ok, the sheet too)  The whole order including scope choice exceeds my expectation!  Thanks!
Mounted the shroud & checked for concentric alignment as you suggested.  Obviously the work of a good lathe man, beautiful alignment, true blue all the way around 360deg. rotational verification.  I can lock'er down in any orientation.  She's the same length as my Remington 870 Wingmaster w/ 31" trap bbl, and will fit the same double case as the 12ga.  It's the little things that are the mark of a professional tuned in to their customer;  Thanks for the initial 2600 fill on both tanks (knowing I went with the hand pump, you saved me a lot of sweat).  Didn't expect the fluted breach, nice compliment to it's knob & trigger shoe (and tank valve collars).  Wock-butts & Scope are good choices, thanks for recommendations.  Total package (all components) compliment to "One Sweet-lookin Custom".
I made myself a silent pellet trap & set up a 10m indoor range down-stairs into the garage & then took both bottles through their paces & "walked the pressures" per instruction, all is well...and quiet...  After 175 shots (125 Kodiaks, & 50 Crow-Mags) I confirmed popular opinion on TAG as to pellet choice.  6 shots each, side by side comparison on both tanks at all pressure steps, I humbly & novicely achieved no greater tnan 1/2" groups w/ Kodiaks, & no less than 1-1/8" groups w/ Crow-Mags with 1 out of every 5 or 6 crows being a 2" flyer.  Not impressive on a 10m range I'm sure, a lot of room for improvement... but I'm happy with my initial results for now.  Gotta work on my breathing & tilt among other things, just a comparison between pellets.  Gotta order the heavier Eu-Jins next, happy with Kodiaks as my work-horse for now, they group  impressively.  Took it out to the back yard at night with 2 Kodiaks in hand, Standard tank with PW 4 on 2800psi. First shot into the soft dirt, similarly quiet as indoors.  Second shot into a bucked log stump on end @ 40': Ker-Wackk!!!  This gun is quiet -only heard the impact. (then again, echoing off both next-door neighbor's houses over my 6' fence).  Both are cool and I don't abuse their quiet but very occasionally.  Just out of curiosity, I went in & brought out my Crossman Quest 1000 .177 which is rated 1-5, a "3" in loudness from various airgun sights on the web.   One shot into soft dirt as before and received 4 echoing reports from various neghbor's houses ranging from 20yds out to 85yds according to my laser range-finder.  Kudos Tony, like you said, "no louder than soda can pop-top".  I'm taking it and the trap out to the property this long weekend where I can set up the range with some decent  yardages to get more comfortable with gun & scope.  I have not un-wrapped the .22 bbl yet and have a hunch it might stay that way for the immediate future, just having too much fun with my new bigger caliber.
Thanks again!

Chris P. 4/6/2009


Got the rifle yesterday and was amazed by how nice it looks. The
grips, the valves, the safety, the trigger; everything is top-notch.
The quality of the shroud really impressed me. I also really liked the
decorative touches you put on the tank collars and on the screw on the
side of the frame. When I put the rifle together, the ten-year-old kid
in me was grinning from ear-to-ear. Now *this* is a pellet gun!

We had a white-out blizzard yesterday, so I had to wait until today to
put a few rounds through the gun. Once I did, all I could say was,
"Wow!" It's quieter than I thought it would be, and boy do those .25
pellets hit hard! I absolutely love what you did with the gun; it's
become my all-time favorite rifle!

Again, thanks for all your hard work on my Condor. It's really, really
amazing. I know I'm going to enjoy many hours of shooting with it.

All the best,

Christopher P.

p.s. Really, the gun is awesome!

On 8/9/2009...Mike Wrote..

Well my friend it is going on two years now, and Lizzt is steel kicking ass. getting ready for tree rats today and the old girl is shooting one inch groups a 52 yards and could do better with a better man on the trigger. We have been through a lot she has taken every thing that nature and I have thrown at her and keeps on killing. Found a book mark that says mikes dream opened it up and there was your web site. with a pic of a Condor. A dream come true for me and Lizzy but a nightmare for the venom on the farm and surrounding area.

Thanks again Mike aka Nebraska.

Craig 09/24/09.....

Tony,  I received your work of art today! I had to shim the 6x24 leaper scope in the rear to get it to shoot high enough. After that 6 pellets to sight in, then next 5 in the same hole at 20 yrds! Ran out of daylight. Only noise was the clang of the bullet trap! I have a green laser on it that you can see for 1200 yrds, it has adjustment knobs 4 sighting, took 20 seconds to dial in. Cant wait to shoot longer distances! All I can say it was worth tha wait! Thank you Tony!!!!!


Steve M. on 12/01/09....


Thanks for the excellent job on an 18" .25 caliber barrel and 8" barrel extension, for my Talon-SS. It is quiet and very accurate. As explained on the phone I went from 12"/.22 (very accurate and quiet) to your barrel extension of 8" and 18"/.25 barrel, also very accurate as you see from the target photos and still very quiet. Wonderful job Tony, quality work. FPE went from 21/22 with 30 shots to 31/32FPE with 30 shots.

Shooting weather was about 60 degrees and light wind 2-4 MPH. Pellets were what I had on hand Beeman/Silver Sting 25.12gr.

I have attached 2 photos of the accuracy results. I typically shoot from 40 to 70 yards and needed to up my FPE.

Target circle photo is 1.5" circles TOP at 50 yards 4 shots and bottom at 60 yards 5 shots. Was drinking a lot of coffee this morning..notice the left/right drift at 50 and 60 yards, and pulled 1 shot at 60.

The second target was at 60 YDS, life size game except for the Bee. Notice the eyeball shots on the rat and starling.

Thanks again, it was a pleasure to do business with you and for a very accurate 18" .25 caliber barrel and 8" extension.


Steve Minner
West Melbourne, FL.

Will Fron Maine

Date: Saturday, February 13, 2010, 9:45 AM

Good morning Tony,
Just wanted to let you know the talon arrived fine and dandy earlier this week after getting through the storm. I spent those days reading up on the items, getting familiar with the mechanics, and looking over the newby questions on the forum.
This morning though it was about 11 degrees out, was calm so I ran a few shots through it at a plywood target about 30yds out. Since the suba bottle I had filled only brings the pressure to about 2300 ( was disappointed with them for that ) I could see where it needed to hold for consistent shots.
Any way my point is it is freakin awesome, even considering not a full charge. It is so quiet the several squirrels still hung in the 20 - 28 yd range while I hit the plywood. So then in less then 2 and half minutes, the Critta Gitta, what my wife lovingly calls the talon, tagged 3 squirrels in three shots. AWESOME.
Those wont go to waste, what I wont use we have a fox rock, and I leave them there... gone by morning.
Thanks again for taking the time to build up a great PCP.

Wayne R. 2/12/2010 

Hi Tony,

Sighted in the Talon today. Very nice and hard hitting at 40yrds. All shots inside a dime. I was surprised to see the 21gr Kodiaks hit same elevation as the 15.9gr exacts at 40yrds but just 3/4" to the right of the lighter pellet.

Also was amazed at the sound difference with the shroud on & off.

Nice & quiet.



George C. 11/6/2010

Tony, thank you so much for your pop-top (remember when the whole tab came off the can?) quiet shroud, hammer, bushing, and whatever else you sent me.

Man, this Condor is one enjoyable gun thanks to you. Besides fun target practice it has served a purposeful role in eliminating our squirrel infestation -- 15 down and away from our house since March. I can't get over the consistent accuracy and power, and have all but forgotten the sonic 'POOM' it used to make without the shroud. The gun is much more capable than me.  Cloverleaf groups at 30 yards from a bench or bipod is way beyond my expectations, assuming I don't imbibe too much the night before. In still air I have no doubt a good shooter would see adjoining, if not overlapping holes.

I've settled on power level 6 at 2,000 psi and JSB 25.4 grain Jumbo's. Even that is a bit much for squirrels but Nebraska can be quite windy, and since I'm no sniper I need all the help I can get. For what it's worth I use 10W30 Mobil 1 to oil the pellets, the scope is a 16X Air Force.

One happy guy here Tony! You are very good at your craft, my continued best to you.  

George C.
Lincoln Nebraska

Will 12/8/2010

Hello Tony,

It has been just over a year and wanted to just give you an update. The .22 Talon you tuned and silenced for me has proven to be one of my favorite rifles. I figure you probably get a lot of emails with all these tales but just wanted to thank you.

To date it has culled the herd of squirrels and chipmunks to the tune of 673 that I kept track of. There were also 6 raccoons, 1 woodchuck, and 1 fox. Of the raccoons 4 were with the laser and only three took two shots to dispatch. The longest measured dispatch was 51 yards single shot with the laser on a fox.

Thank you for the efforts you put into the Talon.

Limerick Maine

From Bob W. 3/21/2011


I haven't had a chance to thank you for the great job on my .25 AAA Condor. I got it the day after Christmas and up until now have only been able to shoot it in my basement 50 ft. range. Yesterday it finally warmed up here in western Pennsylvania and cleared the snow enough for a groundhog to poke its head out. One shot at 60 yards and he was toast. Plenty of power. Shoots through a 2X4 easily. But, most important, it got the hog with one shot so it didn't suffer. It flipped over in the air and stopped moving as soon as it hit the ground. The Hawke scope is outstanding. Clear, easy to adjust, and finds the target quickly.

I really love my .22 Talon, but the .25 Condor beats it hands down. Accurate, powerful, and quiet. Not just the best pellet rifle I've ever used, but one of the best rifles ever.

As an owner of two of your customized AirForce rifles I am a serious fan.  I was at an outdoor range sighting in the Condor at about 50 yards when a guy showed up with a Winchester model 70.  He said "Man, that's a weird lookin' rifle. Don't it work?"  I said sure it works. It's just quiet.  I fired a round, showed him the target and the tight groups and how it blew through the backstop.  He then said, "S*&^!!!, you ain't like some kinda assassin that's gonna shoot me in the back on the way outa here?" "That is the coolest rifle I ever saw!"



Dear Tony

Regarding your need for a suppressor for your Condor, please let me suggest the following company: http://www.talontunes.com/

Tony at Talon Tunes is like a magician when it comes to working with the AirForce guns!  Not only is he a friend of ours but he is reliable and honest as the day is long and sells only top quality products.

I am sure Tony can offer you what you need!


Dick Dixon
Predator International, Inc.


Now Accepting

Talon Tunes, LLC
Phone: (904) 333-8643 -  Email: tony@talontunes.com